Mobile Marketing Tools To Reach Out To Smartphone Customers

Mobile Marketing Tools To Reach Out To Smartphone Customers

To stay connected with the world today your business needs mobile marketing tools that can reach the growing smartphone market.

Most people have started by having a responsive website design.

But when you look at some of those sites from a smartphone you’ll notice that they have missing elements or it still doesn’t give the user a real good experience.

Buttons are not big enough, no click to call, or the website is not laid out for a mobile user (more on this is a moment).

We already know that social media, email marketing, and video marketing are great tools to reach your audience.

Mobile users are on the go. They do not take the time to read long blog post most of the time. But they do have time to watch short videos.

We all probably agree that more emphasis should be placed on videos to reach our target audience since most people are carrying smartphones.

Build Your Website With The Right Mobile Marketing Tools

Build Your Website With Mobile Marketing Tools

Videos, engaging on social media, and any other traffic sources are just not enough to keep your audience connected.


Because once they land on your website the fun begins. First off you better have a fast loading site. Mobile users will not wait around.

Once they get to your site they expect a good user experience.

Is a responsive website design enough to give the mobile user a good experience? We do not think so.

You actually need an adaptive responsive website builder so you can tailor your design more for the smartphone user.

You can actually do it with many paid WordPress themes. One of our favorites is the Thrive Themes.

But you still will be missing out on all the other mobile marketing tools you need to stay in touch with your audience.

We have found a nice source that provides the solutions that you need without all of the extra cost except for sms charges and they handle that as well.

In addition, you need a way to build sales funnels for the new mobile market if you want to keep your business growing.

We found a great drag and drop website builder that provides the digital marketing tools you need to reach any type of market including mobile.

Builderall Has The Digital Marketing Tools To Build An Online Presence

Mobile Marketing Tools To Build Your Online Presence

Builderall’s flagship website builder is an adaptive responsive builder. You start building your website in the desktop mode and when you are finished then you switch to the mobile view.

The mobile view allows you to get everything you have in the desktop view but you can adjust everything for a smartphone user.

It does take a little extra time but it’s well worth setting everything up. Your smartphone audience will enjoy the experience more than a plain and simple responsive site.

Once everything is set up you now have a responsive website but you got to tailor it the exact way you wanted for your smartphone users.

That is why we call it an adaptive responsive website builder.

You can also design sales funnels, landing pages, and pretty much anything you need using this builder. They have pre-built templates or you can start with a fresh blank canvas.

The builder allows you to drag and drop any element any place that you want on the site. You can adjust the typography, buttons, and anything else you need for your mobile viewers.

You can integrate your social media, videos, and email into any part of your site. These are all things you need to have for a better experience for the smartphone operator.

Builderall Has The Mobile Apps You Need

Builderall Has The Mobile Apps You Need

You get a whole lot more than just the mobile marketing tools from Builderall. They empower your marketing efforts with reliable automation tools.

Everything is included under a single roof saving you time, money, and giving you the ability to leverage your skills so you can create content faster to sell your products or services online.

What are some of the mobile apps and tools you get?

  • Pixel Perfect Drag And Drop Website Builder (adaptive responsive)
  • Mobile App Creator
  • Facebook Chatbot
  • Video Wrapper
  • Autopost
  • Builderallzap
  • SMS
  • Create Webinars

Do you want more information about Builderall and the business opportunities that they provide?

Just read that article. It’s the most extensive write up you will find.

They have an arsenal of digital marketing tools for any type of business.

We like the DIY sales funnels tools because you do not have to spend an arm and leg with their platform.

Opportunities for local businesses to get more customers are booming because of short videos.

Builderall also has some new tools coming out very soon.

Like an online store builder, tools to create your own magazine, and a drag and drop canvas so you can put a complete marketing strategy together.

Video Is Built For Smartphone Users

Video Is Built For Smartphone Users

Smartphones have caused a video explosion. We all know that video is growing on every social media site.

Naturally you should be using social media to reach your audience as a tool also. But video is the one hitting the home run with any type of media.

Blog post, social media sites, and even email are using video.

YouTube is bringing in the traffic. Start a YouTube channel.

It doesn’t even cost a bundle of money to make a video. You can use you smartphone or if you need to explain something by using your desktop you can use programs like Screen-O-Matic.

One thing is for sure. You need to start using video as one of your smartphone marketing tools.

When was the last time you watched a video from your smartphone?

You can walk down the street, drive your car around town or eat at a restaurant and you will see folks on their smartphones.

Some are even recording a live video.

Video Is Growing Because Of Smartphones

In addition, video is not expected to slow down. From video chat to video webinars we all want more. It just makes it to easy.

Video is a simple way to build trust and communicate with your mobile audience that cannot put their smartphones down.

It’s the first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing they look at before they go to bed. Smartphones are addictive and people love watching videos.

Plain and simple video is a must have tool to stay in the loop with your smartphone audience.

You can video chat with clients and send them sms messages quickly.

The mobile phone has opened up new traffic generation methods and video is a big player.

Are we coming to the age when we will use video to make a simple phone call?

Leave me a video message in the comment section.

Summary: Mobile Marketing Tools To Stay Connected

You need to stay in the loop with the smartphone user. That is why you need mobile marketing tools.

It’s the only way to stay connected and engage with your audience.

Video is by far turning into the biggest and best tool that you can use. Smartphones have turned video into a very popular way of reaching an audience.

Builderall has a great platform that offers many mobile tools to help you take advantage of this situation.

You need to check out the adaptive site builder they have. Builderall offers an arsenal of digital marketing tools for a very low cost.

They offer mobile tools and many mobile apps.

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