Mom and Pop Restaurant Survival

Mom and Pop Restaurant Survival
Mom and Pop Restaurant Survival

Big chain restaurants are increasing while mom and pop restaurant survival is doomed without building your brand.

You need local marketing and social media engagement. How can your small business compete with these giant corporations?

These giant restaurant chains have built their brand and are squeezing out the local business entrepreneurs. Lets look at a few ways your business can compete with these franchises.

We are going to start with your brand. You have to build your brand so that all the local residents know who you are and want to stop in for a bite to eat.

Mom and pop restaurant survival is a lot of hard work. Look at your entrance and the front of your building. It must be inviting. Your signage must look good and display a clear message.

Your real estate must be clean. Customer service must be top notch.

Management must communicate with your customers.

Be proud and show off your products. Your products are food. It must look great as well as have a taste of excellence. Work on presentation of your dishes. Making food look good will get those taste buds grueling.

Look at your menu. Are there photo’s next to the dishes?

Do they look the same when you serve them. We all have seen these menus with a picture of the food. Then when the food comes to the table your dinner looks totally different.

This is one way to build your brand. This is a key element for mom and pop restaurant survival.

Mom and pop restaurant survival is going to keep getting tougher. Any where from 51% to 61% of restaurants are mom and pop restaurants.

Depends on who’s supplying the data. These numbers are dropping every year. So you have to be lean and offer excellent customer service.

Now mom and pop restaurant survival will depend on your mobile presence. Yes you can have a playing field to compete with large corporations. You must be able to communicate with those smartphone users. You need local marketing and social media engagement.

You must develop a smartphone mobile marketing plan. It must be affordable, smart, and build your restaurant a list of loyal customers.

Mom and pop restaurant survival is heading towards the smartphone user. So you have an opportunity to capture some of these folks.

You know and see how these large restaurant chains are going mobile. They are spending millions if not billions on mobile. You can compete with these giants in the mobile world using local, social, and mobile marketing combined.

Your mom and pop restaurant survival can benefit with customer loyalty reward programs. Everything has to be geared toward the smartphone user. They are on the go.

They want fast results.

You have to start with a well designed mobile website or a responsive website that can fit all screen sizes.

Your restaurant needs to be able to whip up mobile coupons in a moments notice. Remember those photo’s of your menu items. You can use photo’s of your food for your mobile coupons and your social media.

Mom & Pop Restaurant Survival Is Dependent On Customer Service

Mom and pop restaurant survival is dependent on your

  • Customer Service
  • How your Restaurant Looks (inside and out)
  • Keep your place clean
  • Photos of your Dishes of Food
  • Smartphone Mobile Marketing Plan

Mobile is the new market. You need to get involved in mobile. Work up a smartphone mobile marketing plan that can communicate with smartphone users.

You need at a minimum a mobile website. (Apps are not necessary) Mobile coupon builder so you can whip up a coupon in a moment notice.

Customer rewards program to build your list. Everyone in the organization needs to be on board for all of this to work. Build your list and use mobile email marketing to keep in touch with your smartphone users.

People prefer email over sms. You can add sms on later after your smartphone ready.

Next you might be saying all that will cost your restaurant to must money. Redo your budget. You can make this happen for a little over $30 a week. Where can you advertise for that low amount. Mobile is the future and is growing daily.

Put mobile on your menu and see how mobile punch cards can benefit your business. You can survive in this mobile market with a smartphone mobile marketing plan.

It must integrate with your social media. Your mom and pop restaurant survival could depend on it.

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