Mom and Pop Shop Marketing Is Back Because Of Mobile

Mom And Pop Shop Marketing
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Finally Mom and Pop Shop marketing has enabled the small business person a chance to compete.

But it better be mobile marketing so you can keep the cost down.

That new small smartphone is the key. All you got to be able to do is communicate with these smartphone users. It all starts with a mobile website.

Do not waste your money on an app. Most small businesses can stay away from these because there is no need. They are for retention, games, and special circumstances.

There is no downloads for a mobile website. Apps your going to need to download them from different places for different devices.

Mom and Pop Shop marketing must concentrate on smartphone users and is the best place to find customers. Why? Because your customers are mobile.

Mom And Pop Marketing Must Be Mobile So You Can Grow

Mom and Pop Shop marketing has to be mobile because that is where your customers hang out. That’s right, on their smartphone. Smartphone marketing for Mom and Pop Shop.

It is probably the least expensive. Most small businesses cannot afford to keep up with the big corporations. There are ways to keep your cost down and get great benefits.

For starters go to google and check out google my business. This service is FREE. Use it to kick off your Mom and Pops Shop marketing. Then add on a mobile website.

Add SEO, so you can get found online. Mom and Pop shop marketing can drive results to your business. Save money on your advertising budget by using a portion for your mobile marketing.

You can also use some of these local business tips. Once your website is set up try these mobile marketing idea’s.

Mom & Pop Mobile Marketing Ideas

Mobile coupons are a great Mom and Pops Shop marketing tool. You can market them right from your mobile website. You can share them on your social media fan pages.

So if you do not have a Facebook fan page for your business you should get one. They are free. You can also use these mobile coupons for direct mailers. Could get a little expensive if your budget is tight.

You might be using the old school paper punch cards for customer rewards. It may be or not be making any money. The new smartphone way to do it is with mobile punch cards for Mom and Pop Shop marketing.

No more theft. You build a list of customers. Beware of companies that own your list, or use your list, and leave you no control. You can contact these smartphone users with mobile e-mail.

Some people say use SMS. Short message service. Customers still prefer e-mail over all other forms of communication on smartphones.

Another great way to communicate with your mobile audience without capturing an email is with browser notifications.

There are many mobile marketing ideas that you may not be taking advantage of. Things like social media WiFi. especially if customers have a long wait.

Stay Involved With The Community

Stay involved with the local community. It is a great way to build your brand and reach out to new audiences that are on mobile devices.

Mom and Pop Shop marketing can give your small business an edge when you concentrate on mobile marketing. You save money and can compete with the big boys a little.

You can build your book of business. You will own your list and control it. You can reach out to people that are out and about. They are your smartphone users.

Go Mobile

Go mobile for your Mom and Pop Shop marketing. Affordable, simple, rewarding, and shows your business cares about customer service.

The time to start is now. Get your piece of the pie. Mom and Pop marketing that is mobile. Use your mobile website, mobile coupons, mobile punch cards, mobile e-mail, and integrate it with your social media.

Now that is a plan that can bring in some profits and get your Mom and Pop Shop marketing off on the right track by going mobile.

Want information on a smartphone mobile marketing plan for Mom and Pop Shop marketing? Click on Mobile Biz Buzz.

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