How To Make Money Making YouTube Videos Drinking Coffee

How To Make Money Making YouTube Videos

Earn $100 a day making YouTube videos in your local community.

How To Make Money Making YouTube Videos

It doesn’t take a lot of work and it’s a great way to start making a few coins right in your own backyard.

All you need is a little imagination to get started.

It may take a little practice but once you get it down the cash should start rolling in as long as you work at it and do a little hustling.

Rodney V here to show you another money making idea.

We are all about showing folks how to start an online business. So today, we are going to explain to you a unique way to build up your bank account rather easily.

​Create Videos For Local Businesses

Create Videos For Local Businesses

Working with local businesses can be a lot of fun. We actually used this idea a few years ago. It was a banging business until we jumped on another wagon ride.

We had video templates and the old Flip video camera.

Yes, we are old school but these ideas work better now.

​Do you think a business would turn down leads?

Local business owners spend money on advertising in many forms and they can get a little costly.

They also may need other digital marketing tools or services that you can find in our Builderall review (make sure you check that out).

But if you could produce a video that would bring that business owner leads they may even hire you to do some more work.

Think or a roofer, plumber, or even a carpenter.

Any kind of local business that needs customers.

If they could get a few leads a month from a simple YouTube video that you create, they would be glad to pay you for your services.

​We are going to use the figure of $100. Naturally, you could charge more especially if you did a couple of these a month.

You could build a simple website and use it to build your brand (that’s you). Now if you cannot afford to get started then you are going to have to wait until you make a sale.

Learning how to get a higher ranking on Google and YouTube takes practice. You can make money at it once you acquire the skills.

Pick A Local Niche

Pick A Local Niche

All you need to do to get started is to pick a local niche. Like that roofer, plumber, or carpenter.

You can pick any local niche that you feel like working with. Maybe you want to work with dentists, chiropractors, or even a message therapist.

It doesn’t matter. Who wants more customers?

If you need more ideas just pull out the old handy phone book and look in the yellow pages. Do not spread yourself too thin.

Just pick out 3 niches that you want to start off with. Just think about it. What a company would make from 4 or 5 leads per month? Maybe more.

Looking for more in debt ideas check out video marketing for local business.

Even a restaurant would enjoy a few extra customers per month.

We use to get gift certificates from them. The barder system works.

Research And Gather Your Resources

Research And Gater Your Resources

Now it’s time to do a little research. To start out with, you would want to conduct a Google search. Let’s say you are living in Charlotte, NC.

Whatever local niche you chose that is going to be your keyword along with the city you are wanting to search.

​So you type in plumber Charlotte. You’ll notice at the top of the results, will be ads. Next will be the local 3 pack (Google Maps). 

If you were to click more places you will find the other plumbers that are not on the first page. These are the ones that would be easier candidates for you to make a sale.

After that you will find the organic results. Usually about 10 results. You may even find YouTube videos. But more than likely, there will not be any.

Go down to the bottom of the page and you will see related searches. Stuff like 24 hour plumber, emergency plumber, or maybe cheap plumber.

You could try to use other keywords like hot water heater repair, garbage disposal repair, or even sink and faucet repair.

As you can see, you can come up with low competition buzz words that someone would type in to find the service they were looking for.

These are all good keywords to keep in mind for your YouTube video.

Write all of your results down for later.

Now it’s time to pick out the business that you want to make the video for. Get all of their information including phone number and address.

Find images that will match your keywords. You could even take a short video of their building, location, or even their trucks.

You want all of that stuff so you can put together the new video.

Anything that you feel would help you explain their services or products grab it. Save it for the video. You can go to free image sites and usually find out you need.

Start Out With Free Video Software

Next up it’s time to find some software that will help us produce a short video commercial. You are the one that gets to narrate the clip.

​To keep it simple we will choose Adobe Spark. You can find other programs with a little searching.

You just want something simple that uses a slide presentation and that you could add a short video clip into it.

Make sure you include a clip in the beginning and the end with the name of the company, address, and phone number with keywords included on the page.

That could be the thumbnail that you would want to use. You can design thumbnails from Canva.

Now if you get real good at it and want to produce better quality videos then after you start making some cash go ahead and indulge into something that will give you better viewing results.

You’ll also want to charge more for your services at that time frame.

How To Rank Your Video On YouTube Locally

How To Rank Your Video On YouTube

​Once your video is finally completed it’s time to put it on YouTube.

Upload your masterpiece and then give it a title. That would be the keyword or keyword phrase you choose.

Example: Hot Water Heater Repair Charlotte NC

Next write a description for your video. Start out using you keyword phrase a brief description of the work. Try to write something 300-400 words.

Make sure you include the companies name, address, and phone number in the description.

Also add your brand name at the end to build your brand (at least your website name).

If they have a website it would be wise to link to that as well.

​Start on your second project and use a different business.

After an hour or sometimes up to 24 hours conduct a search on YouTube and Google to see if your video shows up. Using the exact keywords you used in the title.

Once you got a ranking then it’s time to contact the business owner.

Make Money With Videos Having Coffee

Make Money With YouTube Videos Locally

Make money enjoying your morning coffee making YouTube videos.

The best way to contact the business owner would be to go to the business. Let them know that you have a video about their business.

Show them how to find it by typing in your keyword phrase.

They will actually see the search results.

Explain that when a potential customer is searching for that particular item these are the results that person would see.

That person would type in what they were looking for and the results come up and they take action by calling or visiting that business.

​Now explain to the business owner that you would be glad to leave that YouTube video online if they were willing to pay you a few dollars for your services.

When they ask, how much? Tell them what you are charging.

$100, $200, or we can produce 3 YouTube videos (using different keyword phrases) for $250.

Then look down at the video and pause until they start taking.

Once they get done talking, answer any questions and collect your money. That’s it. Move on to your next customer and repeat the process.

It would be a good time to learn more about online marketing, website design, and search engine optimization.

Now all you need is a platform with the digital marketing tools to build your brand. Check out, Is Builderall Worth It or contact us for suggestions.

Go make that $100.

You could do everything by email or phone, but would it be as effective?

Summary: How To Make Money Making YouTube Videos

  • Create Videos For Local Businesses
  • Pick A Local Niche
  • Research And Gather Your Resources
  • Start Out With Free Video Software
  • Rank Your Video On YouTube Locally
  • Make Money With Videos Having Coffee

We hope you enjoyed this money making opportunity and you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more great tips to get you rolling.

You can start building your brand by dropping down below and leave us a comment about video marketing.

Stop watching and start doing.

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