Mobile Biz Buzz Has Experience & Leadership

Mobile Biz Buzz Has Experience And Leadership

Rodney V.  has served in various leadership positions including;

  • Sales Manager for Charter Communications (Now Spectrum)
  • President of Pro-Co Communications
  • District Sales Manager for Anderson Merchandisers A-Team
  • Store Manager for Paul’s TV.

In addition, he served this great nation for 14 years as a Master Trainer in the US Army. Salute to all our veteran brothers and sisters.

We have over 9 years experience in earning money in the local marketing field. You can learn these special skills in a short time frame if you dig in.

We have had online training and real-life experiences in local (SEO) search engine optimization, website design, choosing the best blazing fast hosting, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing and many business opportunities.

Self-taught on many subjects.

We have old school values with a blue-collar mentality.

Mobile Biz Buzz is here to assist small businesses and help them succeed in their local marketing efforts.

Every online business needs a search engine optimization checklist.

You can share our basic SEO checklist and use it for your SEO best practices before you hit the publish button on a new or updated blog post or page.

Next, we show you where to start.