Who Is Mobile Biz Buzz?

Mobile Biz Buzz Has Leadership

Our team at Mobile Biz Buzz is under the supervision of Rodney V. known as the Mobile SEO Guy. We all have a guy to get the job done. As an entrepreneur he has demonstrated his local SEO expertise by getting results with local first page listings for used car dealerships, restaurants and a few other niche sites.

In addition, he also shares his knowledge by offering useful information about local search engine optimization for business owners that need a helping hand. He has shown numerous businesses, how to get traffic to their website.

It took time and burning the midnight oil to gain the knowledge to offer information about local marketing for business. Our community of local businesses in Daytona Beach, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida deserve to be able to compete with the big corporate giants.

Like a lot of professionals, corporate downsizing has lead us to a career change and it was not an easy hurdle to deal with. Researching and taking courses online have paid off. We have all had struggles, but you have to keep moving forward in order to have success.

So we understand what it takes for a local business to succeed and how to get more customers coming in the doors. We have the knowledge and experience it takes to gain more customers because we have done it ourselves.

Mobile Biz Buzz Has Experience & Leadership

The Mobile SEO Guy has served in various leadership positions including; Commercial Sales Manager for Charter Communications (Now Spectrum), President of Pro Co Communications, District Sales Manager for Anderson Merchandisers, A Team and Store Manager for Paul’s TV.

In addition, he served this great nation for 14 years as a Master Trainer in the US Army. Salute to all our veteran brothers and sisters.

We have over 9 years experience in the internet marketing field. We have had online training and real life experiences in local search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and mobile marketing. Self taught on many subjects, old school values with a blue collar mentality.

Mobile Biz Buzz is here to assist small businesses and help them succeed with their local marketing efforts. We have had hands on training in local SEO service, getting traffic to a website, creative content writing, website design, video marketing, mobile marketing and integrating social media to build your brand. Next, we show you where to start.