Profitable Online Business Ideas You Can Start Locally

Profitable Online Business Ideas

We found 3 profitable online business ideas that you can start right in your own community. All while giving away free products.

How To Create A Monthly Residual Income

No office is necessary and you become a consultant.

What would you do if you were earning an extra 1000, 2000, 5000, or 10,000 dollars every month?

Tip: Some earn more and some make less, it’s all on you.

Would you trade some of your spare time and learn one of the easiest ways to start making money on the internet?

Are you willing to put in the time to learn new skills?

What if you could do this by giving away free digital marketing tools?

Sounds more interesting now, doesn’t it?

That’s right, all you would need to do is offer free products to your audience. Yes, you are going to have to put in the time to learn your skills and perform DIY Marketing.

How much does it cost to learn your skills?

All of the training is absolutely free. Except for your time.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Your going to need a platform that offers online marketing solutions.

  • Free Training (learn your skills)
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Affordable All In One Platform
  • Great Product To Give Away
  • Responsive Website Builder
  • Blazing Fast Hosting
  • Sales Funnels (lead generation)
  • Email Marketing (build trust)
  • 2 Tier Affiliate Program
  • Legitimate Business Ideas That Work
  • Wouldn’t You Agree?

At the end of this article we will provide you with a link to that platform, free training, and the marketing tools you need to help you start a financial successful online business, fair enough?

Stop Wasting Time – These Profitable Online business Ideas Work

Stop Wasting Time Start A Profitable Online Business
Stop Wasting Time Start A Profitable Online Business

We thought we would sweeten the pie. We are providing you with 3 legitimate and profitable online business ideas instead of wasting time.

Who likes multiple income streams? It’s always a good idea to have alternatives just in case you run into a snag.

You may even be able to use a combination of these 3 smart business ideas to earn enough money to break free from the 9-5 grind, wouldn’t that be nice?

One thing for sure, you have to be committed, willing to put in the hard work, and learn new skills as you progress.

You do not need a college degree, high schools diploma, or a whole lot of money to get started.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

We are going to lay out each income opportunity.

You will need to learn how to use the marketing tools so you can start generating leads and making money.

Hot Tip: You can start for free and gain the knowledge you need to have success.

Most online businesses start with a simple website.

Yes, we are going to provide you with a lightning fast website builder, hosting, and a way for you to capture leads.

We’ll show you how to design your own website, capture emails, and provide you will an affiliate program that pays 100% commissions. Plus, we will give you an opportunity to try all the digital marketing tools for free.

Contact us for details.

One thing we highly recommend that you do is learn how to use the marketing tools. Knowing how to use these tools effectively will open up other avenues of revenue for your online business.

1. Design Websites For Local Businesses To Make Money Locally

Design Websites For Local Businesses

You can design websites for local businesses and earn some pretty good money in your local community.

Naturally, you going to need to learn the skills and a fast hosting provider to make this happen.

One way to learn the skills is to take the free training that we are going to offer you.

You need a fast responsive website builder and a platform that provides the marketing tools at a very affordable price.

Get your hands dirty and design your own website.

It doesn’t take very long to put together a nice design. Learn how to use this awesome site builder.

You can use templates or start from a blank canvas. Set up your lead capture, your email marketing system, and learn how to get your brand buzzing using videos. Seek out the audience you want to target.

Choose a niche you want to target. You can usually find a lot of your audience on social media.

Design 3 websites that you would like to offer to your new prospects (host up to 15 websites with the Premium Plan).

Example: design 3 beauty shop websites, 3 restaurant sites, or tattoo shop websites. Choose your target market.

Hot Tip: This provides you more hands on experience and a nice portfolio that potential customers can see.

You can add these sites to your website. Future customers can choose the design that best represents their brand.

You can also choose one of the best niche sales funnels templates to use so you can start generating leads faster.

Why Design Websites For Local Businesses?

The reason you want to design websites for local businesses is because only 64% of all businesses in the US have a website. Probably half of those businesses could use an upgrade to their site. It’s like this all over the world.

That leaves you 36% of the local market without a site and a ton of others needing an upgrade.

Many websites have issues with mobile. People using smartphones find that many sites are not mobile friendly. Some of these businesses built these websites many years ago and they have 3 major problems.

  • Website Upload Speed Is Too Slow
  • Site Is Not Responsive (hard viewing on a smartphone)
  • Nobody Can Find Their Website (no traffic)

As you can see, there is plenty of business right in your local community. You can target the type of business you want to serve and set your own rates that you want to charge your clients.

In addition, by using the platform we recommend you will have all of the marketing tools you need to even make more money by charging them for other services or providing more value.

Hot Tip: Like setting up their email marketing system. That is right, you could add email marketing into everyone of your proposals. Every time you design someone a site, include your standard email marketing system.

This is a big benefit for any customer. Why? Because now they can capture leads right from their site.

How much do you charge? That would depend on the amount of work you need to do. But it would be a bargain for any business at around $1000 (email included). You get to decide what to charge each customer. 1 sale a week is doable.

Note: Every time you sell one of your websites, make sure you add another masterpiece to your portfolio.

You may consider joining one of these 5 free niche marketing Facebook groups to gain more knowledge.

2. Start A Meet Up Group (Teach Website Design Locally)

Start A Meet Up Group And Be A Leader

Starting a local meet up group is pretty easy. You will need to have something to offer the folks in your local community.

All you need is one person to get started.

Teach website design, how to use marketing tools, and show everyone how to do all of this stuff for free.

All you need is a small group. You need to know what you are doing and that is why you need to learn how to operate the digital marketing tools we mentioned earlier.

This strategy all comes together because our main objective to show people how to design websites, use marketing tools, and we’ll show you how to build a profitable local online business (no office necessary).

Hot Tip: In addition, you are giving away free products. That way no one is going to pay anything until they are ready to start their own online business. Working with people in your local community for free will help you build a solid brand.

You want to develop a small group of people for your meet up group. Usually around 12-24 people. That way you can assist each person more effectively and help them get results.

This is also a great opportunity to link up with other local business owners. Offer guidance and feedback. Show them how they can do it themselves. Then again, maybe they don’t have the time. Offer your services.

Maybe you want to add on other services.

Check out these laptop lifestyle business ideas that can create more revenue for your online business.

How Do You Earn Money With A Meet Up Group?

How do you make money with your meet up group when all the training is free?

Very good question my friend.

You give them free access to all the digital marketing tools, free training, and when they are ready to get serious they can purchase hosting for their website. Plans range in price from $0 to the max of $69.90.

All plans come with a website builder and an email marketing system. Each plan is designed around the marketing tools you need. So you’ll have 5 different plans to choose from.

You’ll need to sign up for the free affiliate program so you can get paid by referring other people.

Basically, each person will need to purchase a hosting plan within their budget in order for you to get paid.

How much do you get paid?

You make 100% commissions every time you get a subscriber.

Starting the 2nd month you will earn 30% commissions for each customer on the books.

Here’s the deal. Everyone that builds a website needs hosting for their site.

So for every website you build and sell, the customer should pay for the hosting. They may also need some more marketing tools which would require a higher plan. The platform allows you to have 15 websites per account.

Once your meet up group starts growing the people you brought in will want to either start their own group or just work with your group. Either way has it’s benefits.

3. How To Build A Profitable Business Using A 2 Tier Affiliate Program

How To Make $3000 A Month With A 2 Tier Affiliate Program

Learn how to build a profitable online business using the 2 tier affiliate program that will blow you away.

The second tier is where the money starts building up very quickly.

That is why you want to offer feedback and guidance for your affiliates.

Look, we talked about earning a few thousand dollars a month in cash by giving away free products, building websites for local businesses, and with meet up groups, locally.

Everything is inline with your same strategy. Anyone that attends your meet up group or that you build a website for is going to need hosting for their site. They can also earn money from the website design, hosting, and the 2 tier program.

Let me give you an example how this 2 tier affiliate program works.

Let’s say you have 12 people in your group and they all or even a few sign up for a paid hosting plan.

Hot Tip: You initially make 100% commissions. No matter what plan they choose. Let’s say they all subscribe to the best plan which is called the Premium Plan. Remember that plan runs $69.90 a month.

You will receive 100% commissions on every single new subscriber. Starting the second month you start receiving 30% commissions on every subscriber that you signed up with your affiliate link that is active for that month.

Explode Your Income With The 2 Tier Affiliate Program

Your income can explode using the 2 tier affiliate program especially when you are working with a dedicated meet up group. Your income can keep growing even when you might be taking a vacation.

Think about it. You signed up 12 people. Now when those 12 people or whatever number it is starts making sales or offering free products and those people start converting into customers. Your affiliate will get paid the same as you did.

But here is where your income multiples very quickly when your affiliates start making sales.

The 2 tier commission plan kicks in. Every time one of your affiliates make a sale, not only do they get paid but you get paid handsomely as well. So, you want your affiliates to start making sales because it’s a win win situation.

How much do you get paid when they make sales?

You get your 30% starting the second month of paid service, pretty nice, wouldn’t you agree.

Hot Tip: Use the 80/20 rule. 80% won’t do much at all. The other 20% will be your movers and shakers.

Another words, 20% of the people you bring on will bring you 80% of your paid business.

You only need a few good affiliates to get to the level of making a descent monthly residual income.

Even if you sell one local business a website, that’s $1000. Now add up all of the hosting fees that your customers would be paying monthly. Remember you initially make 100% commissions and starting the 2nd month you earn 30%.

Next, add up all of the income you earn from your affiliates.

12 Month Income Plan (Example 1 Sale Per Month)

12 Month Income Plan

We encourage everyone to set a goal. What is your goal during the next 12 months? Keep it realistic and achievable. After you reach the small stepping stones you can always increase your money goals.

Use a longer range goal of 1, 2, or 5 years. Too much stuff and technologies can change to go beyond those years.

We like using a 12 month period and try to break it down into monthly increments.

Your first 90 days might be spent learning how to use the marketing tools and setting up your website.

Let’s keep it simple and use 1 website sale per month and acquire 1 paying affiliate per month.

  • 12 Website Sales Per Year (1 per month)
  • Sign Up 12 Affiliates Per Year
  • Teach Those Affiliate How To Get 1 Sale Per Month

Hot Tip: Those affiliate will start getting excited especially after they make their first sale. Help them out. Offer guidance and feedback for all of your clients.

Money Break Down Using 1 Sale Per Month Example

Now let’s look at the money you have an opportunity to earn using these small goals.

  • 12 Website Design Clients Paying You $1000 = $12,000
  • Hosting 12 Clients You Get Paid 100% = 12 Premium Plan Clients 69.90 x 12 = $838.80 one time commissions
  • Starting 2nd Month You Earn $20.97 x 12 clients = $251.64 Monthly Commissions ($3019.68 yearly)
  • Train 12 Affiliates From Your Meet Up Group To Replicate What You Did (12 x $251.64 = $3019.68 Monthly)

Even when you only count one sale per month you can see that your income keeps growing monthly. When you start adding on affiliates that can duplicate your results, your money will start exploding at a much faster pace.

After 12 months of solid work and learning your skills you could be earning a nice little paycheck.

Is your spare time worth the income opportunity?

That is on you. All we can do is recommend programs and solutions to the money you want to earn online.

At some point you may want to consider only working the 2 tier affiliate program. You want hungry entrepreneurs.

We like working in the local market because you can grow quicker and help more people get results especially when you can show folks how simple it is to start an internet business in your local community.

Do you want more information on how to get your biz buzzing locally?

Summary: Profitable Online Business Ideas You Can Do Locally

How to Build A Money Making Business Locally

You can start one of these legit and profitable online business ideas that work by following these 3 simple methods in your spare time.

All you got to do is learn a few online marketing skills and follow the free training provided.

What are the 3 smart business ideas to build a solid business locally?

Basically you become a consultant.

  • Website Design For Local Businesses
  • Start A Local Meet Up Group
  • Everyone Gets Paid Using The 2 Tier Affiliate Program

All you are really doing is showing people how to use digital marketing tools and giving away free products.

What are you giving away for free?

You are giving away a marketing platform so people can learn the skills it takes to market their business on the internet. You are going to be able to show them how it all works and offer guidance when necessary.

It all starts with a blazing fast responsive website builder and an email marketing system so you can capture leads. Once you generate a lead it’s time to build trust with that future client.

Everything is explained using video tutorials.

You can gain the online marketing skills you need to get your business off the ground.

Are you ready to take on the challenge to learn how to build a successful internet business from the town you live in?

Notice: This may not be for everyone. There is no guarantee. Results are based on your own efforts.

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You with an opportunity to earn a monthly residual income. Set a money goal. You can succeed.

But you must be willing to learn the marketing skills, work hard, and don’t quit. Even after you achieve your goals.

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