Digital Loyalty Punch Cards That Rewards Your Customers

Digital Loyalty Punch Cards

Reward your customers with Digital Loyalty Punch Cards. They help your business with retention and also assist you in acquiring new customers. Local businesses in Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida can grow their list and beef up your brand. It works best with great customer service. Reward your customers.

There are but a handful of companies that are offering this new service for coffee shops, restaurants, fitness centers, hair salons, nail shops and other local businesses. Digital loyalty punch cards that are on your customer’s smartphones. No more messy or lost cards for your customers. Those old coffee shop cards are a thing of the past. We’ve all had one.

You want rewards that are based on money spent or purchases by your customers. Smartphone reward cards for your customers. This gives your business more flexibility in your rewards program and more profit for your company. The digital loyalty punch cards are exactly what it says.

Mobile punch cards on your customer’s smartphone. It offers your customers rewards for being loyal to your local business or restaurant. This program has many advantages for local business owners. Rewards are based on money spent at your business.

Digital Loyalty Punch Cards & You Own The List

The number one advantage is you own the list of customers that get a digital loyalty punch card. Number two is you control the rewards. Number three its part of our business mobile marketing strategy that works for restaurants, fitness centers, bowling alleys and other local businesses.

Beware Of Punch Card Companies

The big thing is you own your list of customers for your digital loyalty punch cards. Beware of companies that sell you these reward card programs that use your list.

You own your list of customers. We DO NOT use any information that is captured by your customers. That is your private list. Therefore, you own your book of business.

Safe, secure, and kept confidential right on your tablet or smartphone. Digital loyalty punch cards that are secure. We also go into a little more detail so you have more of an understanding on how the business mobile marketing strategy works with your business. Not just a bunch of fancy photo’s and buy now signs. Feel free to ask us a question anytime.

Punch Cards With Smartphone Loyalty

Smartphone loyalty with punch cards maintained on a mobile device. They are great for maintaining customers points. Your business can connect to its customers effectively with a website, mobile coupons, e-mail and social media. Your customers enjoy being rewarded with your digital loyalty punch cards and your business makes a profit while having a happy list of customers.

You control your business mobile marketing strategy. We make recommendations, provide suggestions, ideas, and provide solutions for acquiring customers with your digital loyalty punch cards, mobile coupon marketing and we show you how to integrate your social media along the way.

Digital Loyalty Punch Cards Is Part Of Your Mobile Marketing

Your rewards program becomes part of your mobile marketing strategy. People like being rewarded for spending money by using your digital loyalty punch cards. Combine this program with your other smartphone systems. You’re giving away free WiFi. Turn that into a social media WiFi system. Now your business has more ways to get traffic coming in the doors so you can increase your profits.

Then add those programs to your local SEO efforts and you have a game changer. Everything running smoothly. Smartphone users are happy and willing to spend money at your location. It’s a great strategy for your mobile marketing plan.

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