Why Rank In The Local 3 Pack Of Google?

Why Rank In The Local 3 Pack Of Google?

Ranking in the local 3 pack of Google will get your business more customers. You’ll notice in the image that we did a search for plumber Raleigh, NC. Only 3 results pop up. Who do you think a customer would call?

Nobody one the second page that is for sure. Everyone else is listed on another page. So the top 3 spots are going to get the business. Now do you see the importance of getting on the local 3 pack?

If you want more customers coming or calling your business, then you need to figure out a way of getting into those local results. You need to know a little bit about search engine optimization.

The other thing you need to know is that it takes a lot of smart and hard work to get listed in Googles local 3 pack. You might be able to show up on the lower end pages where you get no customers if you sign up for the free Google My Business.

The Local 3 Pack Is Where The Smartphone Users Hang Out

Local Searches Are From Mobile Users

Most people that search for something locally will be on a smartphone. They are looking for answers, solutions, and information. Smartphone users also hate waiting for a website to load.

Keeping your customer service up to date is part of running your business. Part of customer service is keeping your customers happy and being able to navigate your website very easily.

But there is another ingredient to that beautiful website you own. You must maintain it and keep your website running fast and smooth or you are subject to lose a bunch of customers.

Another way you lose customers is not having your website ranking with the keywords that match your business. Not only does your website need fast loading speeds it must also have the ability to be found on Google.

Google your business with the keywords that you use and see what pops up. You’ll notice 3 places sitting there ready to be found by potential customers. If your business is not listed there you can click more places and see if you even show up.

How Do I Get My Business In The Local 3 Pack?

You have two options to try to get your business listed in the local 3 pack. Fist you can get someone, preferably a professional that can get your biz buzzing with local SEO like, Mobile Biz Buzz or you can take the time to learn the skills all by yourself.

Do you even have the time to learn these new skills? Are you ready to stay up to date with any changes that Google puts out? Do you even know where to start to learn search engine optimization.

We’re put this handy SEO guide together that may be able to get you on track if you are running on a tight budget. You can learn some of the local SEO ranking factors that will help you climb the ranking ladder.

One thing about search engine optimization is that it takes time to move up in those higher ranking spots. Then you must maintain your ranking so the businesses below you don’t sneak in and claim your spot.

You Must Have Fast Website Upload Speed To Get Those Mobile Customers

Slow Website Speed Reduces Your Customers
Here Are The Results Of
Slow Website Speed

If your businesses website loads slow then you are losing customers. Why are you letting all of these potential customers go to the competition?

They say that if your website loads around 3 seconds then you could lose up to 40% of those potential customers.

Most local searches are done from a mobile device. Plus that number of local searches from smartphones keeps increasing daily. You have to cater to the mobile market.

I do not know about you but even on a desktop your website must have the speed it needs.

It all starts with your hosting provider. Are you paying a cheap hosting provider so you can save a couple of pennies? Come on man. 

I’m sure those customers are more valuable than even a couple of dollars.

Get what your business deserves and you will notice a big difference. Website speed is one of the more important SEO ranking factors. Plus it’s just good customer service.

You can check your website speed for free at Pingdom. Go check it out and if your website is not loading under 2 seconds then you have an issue some where.

More than likely it’s your hosting. You can find blazing fast hosting, so quit losing customers and go get the best.

Summary for; Why Rank In The Local 3 Pack?

The biggest reason to rank in the local 3 pack is you have an opportunity to acquire potential customers. If you want to grow your business then you need more revenue. How do you get more revenue? Get more customers.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure this out. You cannot expect a higher search score right off the bat. From our experience it usually takes between 3-6 months before you start to see pretty noticeable results.

Once you start getting results you need to keep improving your ranking by using those local SEO ranking factors. They will get you where you need to be. After that you may have to concentrate a few other areas like reviews.

You’ll also want to start increasing your social media engagement. Most of all keep your website running in tip top share and keep trying for those faster speeds.

Do not forget about your Google My Business page. It’s free and where your ranking score starts.

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