Recurring Income Is The Best Income For Affiliate Marketing

Best Type Of Income For Affiliate Marketing

What is the best type of income for affiliate marketing? A monthly recurring income is one of the fastest ways to build up a paycheck every month.

Best Type Of Income For Affiliate Marketing
Membership Sites Grow Your Income Faster

How do you create this type of income?

Membership sites are a great way to build a solid income.

Once you get it built to a certain level it is easier for you to add on for anyone that drops out of the program.

Subscription based affiliate programs can also help you get started if your a beginner. They usually will have training programs to get you kick started.

This provides you with an opportunity to learn the skills you need before you start another site in a niche specific passion that you may have.

It takes a lot of time to get a business off the ground. That is why you will find programs like Click Funnels, Wealthy Affiliate, Lead Pages, Get response and the list could go on.

These programs are subscription based and they offer an affiliate program.

Best Type Of Income Is In The Money Niche

Best Type Of Income Is In The Money Niche

Are you choosing the right niche? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

When most people start out they are told to get into something they are passionate about.

So you usually end up at a place that offers training and has a subscription attached to it.

The best training that membership site will offer is usually selling their product. So why not jump in and learn your skills.

Learn the money niche.


Because the money niche will give you the lessons you need to succeed.

Plus once you have a money niche set up with at least 30 great pieces of content (blog post), it’s time to learn about paid ads.

Money making sales funnels are what you want to use for your advertising.

Set up your sales funnels and move to the niche you are passionate about.

But do not leave your money niche site hanging add content on a regular basis.

We like having multiple streams of income. You never know!

Who Has The Best Value For Creating A Recurring Income?

Some people will recommend Click Funnels. But we are going to disagree. They do have an excellent platform but you can find alternatives.

One would would be Lead Pages. Again, another good company.

But we found a company that offers many other possibilities.

We all know you still need other digital marketing tools to market your affiliate programs.

You need to be able to capture emails, build landing pages, create webinars, put together chatbots, build a website, and like we say the list could keep going on.

Do any of those companies provide all of these capabilities?

Flat out. NO!!!

One thing they do offer is an affiliate program is a recurring income based from the subscription service they provide.

So who has all the tools you need and pays a recurring income for their subscription or membership?

Builderall Offers The Best Type Of Income For Affiliate Marketing

You can check them out. They offer a great affiliate program. One great thing about Builderall is that they provide all the digital marketing tools you need to succeed.

Everything we mentioned above.

  • Email Capture
  • Build Landing Pages
  • Put Together Chatbots
  • Website Builder
  • Hosting
  • Create Webinars

Those are just a few of the digital marketing tools you get.

They also provide the best type of income with a 2 tier commission program.

Get paid from two levels. Smart choice.

Builderall has the best value of all the subscription based affiliate programs that you will find.

Learn about the Builderall Business Plan in our extensive review.

You are going to be amazed just from their growth rate. They have a great community and plenty of training to get you started.

If you need a little guideline to help you learn the basic just check out our post on affiliate marketing training for beginners to help you pick a niche, domain name, and some basic SEO best practices.

Recurring Income Is The Best Type Of Income

If you are trying to reach a 5 digit monthly income level with affiliate marketing it will take you a long time when you get paid between 3% – 15%.

You would have to sell over $333,000 of merchandise to get paid $10,000 at the 3% level.

Even at the 15% level you would need to sell around $67, 000 worth of affiliate products every single month.

That is a lot of sales you have to come up with every single month.

Now when you sell memberships or subscription based products and services you do not need to sell as much.


Because every month you income keeps increasing as long as you keep adding customers.

Sure you might need to add on a few customers from the ones that drop off but it is easier to add a few instead of starting over every single month.

Summary: Recurring Income Is The Best Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Membership sites and subscription based services offer recurring monthly income opportunities.

These type of affiliate marketing programs are great business opportunities.

There are many of these companies. But who offers the best value and all the digital marketing tools you need to make money online.

Just make sure you are promoting a good solid product whichever one you choose. Do the right thing and offer good value and no shiny objects.

Is Builderall worth the investment? You be the judge. Make sure you check out our review of Builderall.

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Did you check out our Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall review?

Stop watching and take action my friend.

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