Restaurant Advertising Strategies Daytona Beach Florida

Restuarant Advertising Strategies

When it comes to restaurant advertising strategies should include local marketing and mobile. Smartphone users are your biggest customers. it will depend on many factors. Your advertising budget could be your biggest obstacle.

Your community economic conditions, budget, cost of different media, and time should all be considered when deciding on your plan of action as well.

Let’s just show a few examples of what it might cost you for your restaurant advertising strategies offline. You could be using TV.

How Much Does Advertising Cost for A Restaurant

You may get a few commercials in your local market starting at the low end for $2500. Radio is another option. Few advertisements for maybe $1600. Phone book maybe $400.

But who looks up a restaurant in a phone book anymore.

You could use coupons in a local shopper for about $400. Newspaper coupons are another $400.

Coupon books are another option for your advertising strategy. Maybe another $300. You could send out mailers with a coupon postcard.

Send out to maybe 5000 addresses and the cost could be around $1800. You see these offline advertising strategies can be costly.

These figures are very low and are usually monthly figures. Once your ad is completed that ad is gone. No one will even see it again.

Pick a couple of items from above and you might be able to do some decent advertising every month for around $1200 monthly.

How’s the prices in your neck of the woods?

How much are you paying for your digital rewards program?

Getting found online should be a priority.

What Can You Do With $100 – $750 A Month?

What about effective restaurant advertising strategies for around $100 month? Who does that? Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing on mobile.

We use smart and cost effective restaurant advertising strategies. What do people carry with them everyday?

Hint. It’s a mobile device.

You hit the nail right on the head. Smartphone. That’s absolutely correct. That’s the market you should be concentrating on.

Smartphone users. Why? Because they are the ones looking for your menu, take out services, delivery and a great place to eat.

This is how we help. We start by getting you a faster website.

Next we use some great local SEO ranking factors to get your website a better ranking score.

When they get hungry they use their smartphone. So you better be mobilized and you must be able to show up in the search results.

Getting found in the local 3 pack is the place you want to be listed in. That is what we strive to do. It does take time.

Restaurant Advertising Strategies Have To Include Mobile

That would be a smart restaurant advertising strategy to focus on. Mobile. You cannot go wrong with this market.

Get your restaurant business mobilized.

Start with a mobile website for restaurants. You need a simplified version of your desktop website. You should include at a minimum of a call button, directions button, menu button, and some photos of your food.

That will at least get you started.

Now you can add on mobile coupons for restaurants. Something that is simple and you can track. You also want to be able to share these mobile coupons on your social media pages.

You also want to be able to build you a list of customers. You need analytical data to adjust your advertising. These strategies work better when combined with other programs.

To build a list we recommend using a restaurant customer loyalty program.

When you combine mobile websites for restaurants, coupon marketing for restaurants, and mobile loyalty punch cards your restaurant advertising strategies become more effective.

Higher Return On Investment Once Our Plan Kicks In

Now integrate all these great ideas with your social media. Put your plan into action, make a few adjustments along the way and work your plan. Your restaurant will acquire more customers.

Watch you will have a higher ROI with the smartphone mobile marketing plan vs other restaurant advertising.

Plus the program could end up paying for itself with a profit to do other advertising methods like video. That would be the next step that we recommend.

Build a foundation first. You know your bread n butter.

This is a low cost and effective way to communicate with smartphone users at the same time building your brand, building your list, and offering great customer service.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

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