Is your Restaurant Customer Loyalty Strategy Working?

Is Your Restaurant Customer Loyalty Strategy Working

You may have a rewards program for your restaurant but, is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy working? Are you using the old school punch cards?

Why? People are on smartphones.

Your rewards program needs to be mobile.

Is your staff trained properly to promote your rewards program.

Customer Loyalty Starts With Great Customer Service

Without superior customer service and your employees promoting your rewards program your restaurant could be doomed for future business.

Is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy working?

Are you building a solid list of customers. Does someone else own your list. Beware of loyalty companies that want to control your list. You need full control and you must own your list. These are your customers.

Talk to your employees about customer service. Show them and teach them how to promote your rewards program for your restaurant.

Your Rewards Program Must Look Professional

This is the first step to have a successful rewards program. Customer service is the key to your rewards program. Promote your rewards program with all means possible.

Do not use the old punch cards. Make sure the program you use offers digital reward punch cards.

Table tents, flyers, business cards, posters, and your mobile website. Use your Facebook fan page and your other social media outlets.

Is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy working for you online? You should have your reward programs listed on your mobile website.

Does your restaurant use Google My Business?

Are you taking advantage of getting traffic from mobile devices?

Can Your Business Get Found In The Local Search Results?

Get listed it’s free and mobilized.

You get listed in the local search results, you get google map listing, business profile and don’t forget to add photos.

This should be part of your restaurant customer loyalty strategy. Talk about in your restaurant profile.

Businesses are ditching the old rewards programs for new modern smartphone customer loyalty programs so these smartphone users can have everything on their favorite device.

The smartphone is everything to individuals. People do not leave home without their smartphone. Even seniors are using smartphones. So your restaurant better be ready.

If not you could be losing business. Not just now but in the future.

Restaurant Rewards Program

Are you using your rewards program with other mobile programs to make it more effective. Do you have analytical data to improve your rewards program?

What are you offering for your rewards?

Is it a punch per visit or based on money spent?

Do you offer multiple rewards for your customers?

These questions need answered so you can have a more effective rewards program.

So, is your customer loyalty strategy working for your restaurant? Lets recap a couple of items so your strategy is more effective.

  • Customer Service is #1
  • Is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy mobile?
  • Google My Business is a great start.
  • Are you combining your program with other mobile programs?
  • Is your rewards program based on money spent?
  • Do you have analytical data?
  • Do you own your list?

You have to be mobile. This is no longer an option.

It’s 2019 and your restaurant deserves part of the smartphone market.

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