Restaurant Reward Cards In Daytona Beach Florida

Restuarant Reward Cards

Are you using mobilized digital Restaurant reward cards or the old coffee shop punch card? They are a way to get more business. The digital loyalty punch cards of today are a lot different that the old school coffee shop punch cards.

These new reward solutions are smarter. These mobile punch cards are for customers on the go. These customers want great customer service. They want you to give them their rewards from a smartphone. So you need to ensure your business is mobile ready for 2016.

Give the smartphone user a reward just for joining your restaurant customer loyal program. Something simple, like maybe a free drink with their meal. You could go with fresh dessert. 

Fill Your Seats Offering Rewards

Something that will not put a strain on your budget. Another good idea would be to take a photo of one of the employees with the customer and post it on your Facebook fan page.

Combining other mobile solutions with restaurant customer loyalty programs gives your restaurant an advantage over the competition.

You’ll start filling those seats up very quickly.

Ensure you business has a mobile website or a responsive website that can fit screens of all sizes. Just a short version of your main website. You want to have a tap to call button, directions button, e-mail, menu, and maybe a video or photos of your restaurant.

Offer Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupon marketing for sharing. Great for social media, email, and a special on your mobile website. It’s great to have a mobile coupon builder tool to put in action when and where you need it.

This is another great strategy to add to your companies restaurant customer loyalty programs. Build it, share it and they will come when you have the right combination to attract smartphone users.

Restaurant customer loyalty programs are a great way to build a solid list of customers that will stop in when you need them. Say you got a low lunch crowd on Tuesdays.

Email Blast To Help Fill The Seats

Blast out an email lunch special with your mobile coupon marketing builder. Send it out about 10:30 am. People are just starting to feel hungry. Also blast that same coupon out on your Facebook fanpage.

The list that you can build with restaurant customer loyalty programs can save a few days of your month. Get you that little extra profit when you need it.

Having a combination of different tools for your mobile marketing strategy can be very effective especially with the rise of the almighty smartphone.

Communicate With Your Customers On Mobile

These smartphone users just want you to be able to communicate with them. You must be mobile. Is your business smartphone ready? Do you see what I see. Smartphones are part of our daily lives. You just got to figure out how to find these smartphone users.

You see people on break or on the job on Facebook. So why not be there with them. Why are other restaurants succeeding on mobile?

They are using a combination of mobile marketing tools to compete. Now small restaurants can compete with the big chains. Just do it on mobile devices. 

Use all the mobile marketing ideas like mobile coupon marketing, mobile websites, and integrate it all with your Facebook fan page or your twitter account.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

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