Selfies to Increase Social Audience For More Engagement

Selfies To Increase Social Audience
Selfies To Increase Social Audience
Take A Selfie With Your Customer

Yes, it’s true you can use selfies to increase social audience. It’s that time of year when your trying to come up with a good idea to increase business and bam.

There it is. Use customer selfies when they earn a reward. It will drive up your social engagement.

Post a photo of themselves when they receive a reward right on your businesses fan page on Facebook. People love taking pictures of themselves. Take a selfie with your customer. You will love it when they share on social media.

This is free advertising for your business. So use selfies to increase your social audience. We know a few businesses that even use a sign that the customer holds while posing for their pic.

Small sign with your business name, phone number, or website.

Post the selfies to your business fan page and the customers Facebook page. Encourage them to share that selfie. Be excited. This will get you future business.

Not to mention the social media engagement you will now have. Customer friendly, simple, and it cost you nothing but a little time. That time will equal dollars down the road. Take a selfie with them.

Mobile Marketing With Selfies

Show the customer you appreciate  their business. You can see how using selfies to increase your mobile audience will build you a list of customers that will continue to grow.

It will make an impression with the customer. You are encouraging them to share. They will be proud to do you a favor. Sharing is caring.

Use selfies to promote your digital punch cards.

The more your business uses selfies to increase your mobile audience the more traffic your website, fan page, and your location will get.

Building you a solid book of business.

Integrate selfies with all your mobile marketing tools. Coupon marketing, your mobile website, smartphone loyalty mobile punch cards, mobile e-mail and your social media WiFi.

Now that’s another smartphone mobile marketing strategy that will work for local businesses, small businesses, or even mom and pop shops. Get your business into the mobile world by using selfies to increase your mobile audience.

Take Video Selfies With Customers

You could even make selfies work for your video marketing campaign. Thirty second mini commercial you could post on you tube. The possibilities are endless when you use selfies to increase social audience. Great mobile marketing tool.

The selfie can become a goldmine for your business. Be creative. Keep a tablet next to the registrar. You never know when you will need it for selfies. You could just use a smartphone. Make sure it can take descent photo’s. these will be on social media.

So you want to look sharp. It’s your image. You are also building your brand so make sure it looks good. You are building trust with customers using selfies to increase social audience.

Have Fun With Selfies & Bring Excitement for Your Brand

Have fun doing it. Brings excitement. Smiles and happy customers are great reason for using selfies to increase your mobile audience. We would have a selfie stick prepared. Another tool of the trade.

Selfies are another one of the many great mobile marketing ideas.

You can even add these selfies on your mobile marketing campaigns. This is awesome for social media. You got content to post. Who likes posting happy customers.

Automatic testimonial pretty much.

These selfies are a great way to get your social media rocking.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on selfies!

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