SEO And Branding Is Your Bridge To Getting Traffic

SEO And Branding

What does your business concentrate on SEO or branding? Trying to get traffic from organic search rankings is getting harder and harder.

SEO Is The Bridge To More Traffic

If you are a small business or one of us little guys you are going to need a strategy that involves both search engine optimization and getting your brand recognized.

The big brands are getting special treatment because their brands are widely recognized by consumers.

It’s very difficult for you to get any rankings on Google unless your brand is widely known or unless you have money to play.

Conduct a simple search and you will see what we are talking about.

It’s all advertising above the fold. Google is showing the results for paid advertisers for big name brands.

But many people already know not to click on these ads.

That is why you need to learn SEO skills that will help you get to the top of the organic results. But you need to consider your brand at the same time.

Balance Your Brand And SEO

Balance Your Brand And SEO

Coming up with a balance of promoting your brand and at the same time using SEO best practices takes a strategy that encompasses a lot of different moving parts.

You really cannot separate SEO or branding. They need to work together.

Big brands have the funds and hire experts to complete the balance.

If you’re like us, we like to find DIY methods that work and produce traffic.

We have to use longer keyword phrases for our content and offer more precise value for our specific smaller audience.

Gearing our content towards people without a stack of cash but still using the basic search engine optimization guidelines that they can learn.

Somehow you have to stick with your brand and make it stand out.

It’s the only way to get your biz buzzing and to stand out from the crowd in your particular niche.

Small entrepreneur, local business owners, or beginners that are just getting started are the people that we try to help out. The DIY’er.

You have to find something that your brand represents and stick with it.

Are you new to search engine optimization or just want to brush up a bit?

You can learn how to rank higher on Google and pick up some good pointers to help you get a better ranking score so you can get more traffic.

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Use Social Media To Help Build Your Brand

Use Social Media To Help Build Your Brand

Social media is a great place to start building your brand. You need to be active and on the social network where your audience hangs out at.

Don’t push your products and services on social media networks.

Let people know who you are on a more personal side. Mix in your blog posts to answer questions your audience may have.

Social media provides a place where you can interact with your audience.

This is your opportunity to build trust, credibility, and get people to know who you are (your brand). It’s all about building relationships.

Once they start to respect and appreciate your opinions, this will lead them to have more trust in your brand and trust to buy your products or services.

All of these factors can improve your SEO score so you can get more traffic.

In addition, video has become a social media life style.

If your not using this awesome tool to build your brand you may be missing out on connecting with your audience on a more emotional playing field.

YouTube Is The Perfect Balance For Branding And SEO

YouTube Is Perfect For Branding And SEO

YouTube is not only the second largest search engine but it’s the ultimate place to build trust and credibility for your brand.

It’s also a social media network and it can be the starting point for your sales funnel. Video is a great way to build a solid network of traffic.

You’ll want to ensure you use the best SEO practices so your videos have an opportunity to show up in the search results.

There is so many ways you can use video.

You can use video for your email, blog posts, social media, branding, testimonials, and they are trending because of smartphones.

Using short videos are the perfect way to keep your audience in the loop.

Video can get your biz buzzing. Plus it’s more affordable than ever.

You can produce a descent video just by using your smartphone.

But you need video content that grabs your listeners and watchers attention. Provide value and offer solid solutions .

It starts with a great headline and a short description.

Don’t forget about the thumbnail. It’s the image that people see if they want to click on your content. It needs to create curiosity.

Try to use low competition keyword phrases in your title that your audience would search for. Remember, you want to try for a high ranking score.

YouTube & Google Rank Videos Differently

Google And YouTube Rank Videos Differently

Even though Google owns YouTube they both have different ways that your video would show up ranking in their search results.

Most of us already know that Google has over 200 different ranking factors. But with a video they can only observe so much.

We don’t want to make it complicated so we’ll just touch on a few things that you should include for video SEO.

Write a great headline with a keyword phrase that your audience will more than likely search for. Find the low hanging fruit phrases (less competition).

Next, slide over to Canva and design yourself a nice attention grabbing thumbnail. You can do it for free or sign up for a membership.

The next thing to do is write up your description. Try to keep include your keyword phrase and keep it close to the beginning of the first sentence.

Google will only consider the first 1000 words but YouTube let’s you write up to 5000 words.

Add your videos to your blog post for a longer dwell time. YouTube likes you to stay on their network so use silo linking to your other videos.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure you rename your video file with the targeted keyword phrase.

Then add keyword tags, categorize your video, and add any cards that you may want to add to the video.

Summary: SEO And Branding

SEO and branding are the two cornerstones of getting people to visit your website. Your content marketing strategy should include them both with equal weight.

Getting people to trust you and to build credibility it would be wise for you to use both social media and YouTube videos.

YouTube videos can provide you with a well balanced approach to your marketing efforts. It’s a search engine and a social media site.

It can also be another great traffic source for your website.

In addition, it doesn’t cost a bunch of money to get started. Use your smartphone to help you produce simple short videos.

They are great for branding and you can use them in a variety of ways like we explained in this short article.

Make sure you follow the SEO best practices when writing your blog posts and when adding a video to YouTube.

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