3 Key SEO Factors To Getting A Better Ranking Score

Key SEO Ranking Factors To Get A Better Score

What are 3 key SEO factors to getting a better ranking score for your business. You already have maximized your Google My Business page and your social media is all set up. Now, what is next best thing for you to do?

Some of you you may have not completely filled out your GMB (Google My Business) page and you should do that as soon as possible. Then again there are over 50% of local business that have not even claimed their listing.

Facebook fan pages are another way to gain some local SEO juice. But the main thing about social media is that it show your target audience that you are a real person. You can learn a lot about your audience and they can help you to better serve them.

People are performing local searches more and more everyday. The smartphone has become a way of life. Searching on a smartphone has become the norm. We all already know that searching from a mobile device has over took searching from a desktop.

1. Speed Is A Key SEO Ranking Factor For Your Business

SEO Starts With Website Speed

It all starts with speed. Like we said, smartphones have took over searching and your business better be ready. For starters, you need to ensure your website is mobilized. Can you navigate around your website with your thumbs and fingers?

You must be mobilized to get the big benefit. Getting ranked into Googles local 3 pack is where you really want to be listed in. This is where you can gain a tremendous amount of traffic. It will get your phone ringing, people walking in, and more visitors to your website.

Are the buttons that you need to tap like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube too close together. You need to check that kind of stuff on a smartphone itself. Some of these website builders will look good in the demo mode.

But once you check it out live you will see a few areas that definitely need to improve so your customers will not leave your website. We have found overlapping of content and website loading speed to be 2 big problems.

If your hosting provider is not giving you the speed you need then it’s time to make a change to a faster hosting provider. You do not have time to start losing customers because your hosting is just too slow or if they have a problem with their website builders causing overlapping issues.

2. Citations Can Increase Your Local Search Ranking Score

Once you have you have a mobilized website and your website speed is loading under two seconds its time to start finding some citations and directories to list your business in.

You can find a list of these citations by category on the Moz website. It may take up to 3-6 months for anyone of these citations to even make a difference in your ranking. You should only add a few per month.

These citations are similar to having a back-link. There are also paid services that handle this type of service like Mobile Biz Buzz, Bright Local, White Spark.

Anytime you add a listing any where online you want to ensure that your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is exactly like you have it listed on your website. If you have street as ST. then make sure that is how you list it every where.

Just start adding on a couple of week. It only takes a couple of minutes but will pay you dividends in the future. These type of 2 minute SEO tricks can drive traffic to your business in a short time-frame.

3. Writing Blog Post For Your Local Area

Writing blog post for your local area can give you an edge. You can use these posts for interlinking inside your website. These articles can also get picked up for the organic search results.

Especially when you are trying to knock off someone in the local 3 pack that you can’t seem to budge. You’re got the faster website speed, more citations, the right keywords, tons of great reviews and still no movement.

Start using writing blog post that offer value packed information to your audience. Try and get comments to boost those rankings. Share these information packed articles on your social media pages.

It may take a little time but sooner or later you will move up in the rankings. To make these blog post more effective and get even more rankings in your local organic search results use YouTube videos and ad them inside your articles.

You can also use Live videos to engage with your audience. Get them younger employee’s involved and watch your business grow. It won’t be long before your website is getting a great SEO score and your business is moving on up in the local SERPs.

Summary Of Key SEO Ranking Factors To Get A Better Ranking Score

Its pretty easy if you make it part of your overall marketing plan. You need to claim your Google My Business listing, have social media fan pages, and a fast mobilized website to get a better ranking score.

You can do all kinds of stuff but if your website speed sucks or you cannot navigate your website on a mobile device then you are going to lose customers instead of increasing your customer base.

So get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Get Your Biz Buzzing

You can gain some big time traction in the SERPs by getting listed in relevant citations and directories. It takes some time but in the long run it will help your local SEO score.

You do plan on being in business for a while correct? Then start using those two minute SEO drills to boost your ranking.

Are you having a tough time knocking the competition out of the way. Try blogging and using YouTube videos to gain some traction. Use inter-linking inside your website. It does take time and a little work.

Build Your Brand By Sharing

Always at least ask for folks to share your content. It could be on social media or right from your website. You can do this with sharing buttons. We use the plugin, Social Sharing by Danny. So go ahead and share this information.

It does not affect our website speed as other plugins do and they are very lightweight not bogging your site down. Naturally, you need to be using WordPress to make that happen.

Did you want to know about the top 10 local SEO ranking factors that have a major impact on the local SERPs? Read that and take action.

You will boost your ranking and you will be glad you did because you will start to get more customers.

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