What Does The SEO Page Rank Tool From Builderall Check For?

What Does The SEO Page Rank Tool Check for

Are you looking for a SEO page rank tool to help you get better results on Google? Check out your ranking score using the on page search engine optimization tool from Builderall.

It’s time to get your site ranking.

This is a big advantage for local businesses and affiliate marketing beginners.

The app will provide you with a guideline to ensure you have used the most important SEO factors for each page or blog post you set up for your website.

It’s easy to use and provides you with detailed information to help you get better search results.

This is where you start. Your site needs to upload fast, be mobile friendly, and you need to fix any problems that might prevent Google from ranking your site.

How To Use The SEO Page Rank Tool

How To Use The SEO Page Rank Tool

The tool is easy to use. Just plug in the keyword phrase you are trying to get some results with. Then add in the url of the post that you are working on.

Next click send. Wait a couple of seconds and you will receive a detailed report of your score.

This tool works with any website platform that you are using.

Does it work with WordPress?

Let’s find out. We will use a blog post that we have already published.

The name of the blog post, Is Builderall Worth It? That is also the keyword phrase that we want a score for. Next lets drop in the url to that post and click send.

Lets take a look at the results.

Results Using The On Page SEO Tool

Results For The On Page SEO Tool

OK, let’s get into more detail to find out how to SEO app can help us get a higher ranking on the search engines. Start at the top and you see the keyword we used, Is Builderall Worth It? Next you see the url of the blog post.

Then you will notice green and gray boxes. Green meaning you are good to go and grey meaning you have more improvements you could make.

Next you’ll notice a grade in red letters. The tool uses a letter grading system. It gave us a score of A.

We had all green boxes in the top row except one gray one. That gray box is telling us to bold the keyword phrase in the first sentence only.

Also in the overview section we had 2 gray boxes. One is for high relevance factors and the other one is for low relevance factors.

So it looks like we can make a few SEO improvements to that blog post.

Next we will list everything in detail so you know exactly what this SEO page rank tool offers you.

What Does The On Page SEO Tool Check For

  • Keyword In The Title
  • Is The Keyword In The URL
  • Checks To See If Keyword Is In The Meta Description
  • Is Your Keyword In Your H1
  • Then It Checks How Many Times You Used Keyword In Your H2-H4
  • How Many Times Your Keyword Was Used In The Body of the Article
  • Was The Keyword Highlighted In Bold Letters
  • How Many Times The Keyword Was Included In The Images

The next item was the letter grade. You want to keep making improvements until you get a letter A. Next we get into the overview section.

Overview Section Of Search Engine Optimization Tool

The first one is critical factors. We received a green in all four of these categories.

  • Accessible To The Search Engines
  • Keyword Makes Sense In The Body Of Text
  • The Title Included The Keyword Phrase
  • Appropriate Use Of Canonical URL

Next we will list the 7 high relevance factors it covers.

  • Was Keyword Uses At Least 4 Times In The Article
  • Did You Avoid Using Keyword Stuffing In The Body
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing In The Title
  • Did You Avoid Multiple Page Titles
  • Exact Keyword Phrase In The Title
  • Was The Keyword In The Beginning Of The Title
  • Was The URL Only Used One Time On Your Site
Moderate And Low Relevance Factors

We will list the 9 moderate relevance factors it checks next.

  • Exact Keyword Usage In The Document
  • Did You Use The Keyword In An Image Alt
  • Number Of Description Tags
  • Sufficient Number Of Characters In The Content
  • Did You Use Enough Words In The Content
  • Are You Using The Appropriate Characters In The URL
  • No Keyword Stuffing In The URL
  • Keyword Usage In The URL
  • Use A Static URL

Next we will list the 11 low relevance factors that it checks.

  • Keyword Usage In The H1
  • Page Title Length
  • Cannibalizing Linking
  • Keyword In Bold Italics or Emphasized
  • Did The Meta Description Include The Keyword
  • Was Meta Description Use To Focus On One Topic
  • No More Than One H1
  • Excessive External Links
  • Appropriate URL Length
  • Minimal Sub folders In The URL
Optional SEO Factors You Must Consider

Next the SEO page rank tool list 5 optional SEO factors that you should consider before you hit that publish button.

  • Is Your Meta Description Below 156 Characters or Below
  • Avoid Using Keyword Tags
  • Employ External Linking
  • Keyword Placement In The H1
  • Use One Canonical Tag In Url (no duplicate urls)

SEO Tool Is A Good Guideline To Follow

The on page SEO tool is a good guideline to follow. That way you covered all the basic ranking factors before Google and the other search engines crawl your new blog post or page.

One thing you need to know is that there are over 200 ranking factors. Just because you get a letter grade of an A from the tool does not mean the search engines are going to give you first page results.

Your site and pages need authority. It takes time to develop. You also need to have a strategy to get traffic besides just using the search engines.

That way you can receive comments, dwell time and it shares of your articles. These are factors that will help your blog post get a higher ranking.

But by using the on page SEO tool you have a stand way of following the guidelines that the search engines want to see.

You also need to write your content for your audience. That should be the major factor that you should consider.

If you want to check out the SEO app just read our extensive review of Builderall and get a 7 day test drive. Just follow the link below.

You may even like the affiliate marketing business opportunity they have.

Summary: SEO Page Rank Tool

The on page SEO tool from Builderall provides you with a ranking score in the form of a letter grade. You want to check each post that you publish and make any improvement to help you get a higher ranking.

You can use the tool of any website builder. This is a WordPress site and we use it all the time and get many first page results.

Just follow the recommendations it provides. Make improvements to your pages and blog post to help you get a better ranking score.

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