3 SEO Tips For Businesses That Want To Put Money In The Bank

Local SEO Tips For Businesses
Local SEO Tips For Businesses

Today we will talk about 3 SEO tips for businesses wanting to boost your ranking in the local 3 pack. Google only displays 3 local listings due to the search expansion of mobile users.

Any local business that does not target smartphone users will be left in the dust. There are many ranking factors that fit into the equation but we will target three areas that you must get right.

A couple of things that you should make sure that you do is getting our NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) correct, claim your Google My Business account, and increase your social signals. It should start with your domain name.

Make sure that your domain is listed using your business address.

Next up make sure your Google My Business is completely filled out. Do not leave any blanks. Fill in as much information that you can. Don’t forget about adding a video.

Every single block needs information about your business. You don’t need a fancy video commercial just use your smartphone and at least introduce your staff.

People with mobile devices will either type a keyword into the search bar or use voice search to find what they are looking for. If you want to get some of these potential customers you need to be listed in the local 3 pack.

Here are 3  local SEO tips to help you achieve a better ranking score as you work your way toward those top listings.

3 Big Local SEO Tips To Boost Your Ranking Score

SEO Tips To Increase Ranking Score

Always start out with a fast loading website and get the best hosting for your site.

Like we said, there are many local (SEO) search engine optimization ranking factors but we are going to provide you with 3 big local SEO tips to help you get a big boost for your businesses ranking score.

One thing that your business must provide is great customer service.

When people are searching for something online using their smartphone they start off by using a keyword or a phrase. You must incorporate those keywords and phrases into your website as well as your Google My Business account. It is like having a profile of your business on Google.

Just think of all the different words you would use to find your business online. You may want to add in the suburb of your businesses location of the phrases that you use. It provides Google with a more specific location for your business as well as your audience.

Let’s say you have a plumbing company around the Orlando area.

Your business may be located in Winter Park so instead of using Orlando you would want to use for a phrase something like 24 hour Plumbing Service Winter Park, Hot Water Heater Repair Winter Park, or we fix leaky toilets in Winter Park.

Just use keywords or keyword phrases that describe you business. Use those type of keywords for your particular business on your website and other places you list your business like your social media sites or directories. One of the biggest ways to boost your businesses rankings is by getting positive reviews.

1. Getting Reviews To Boost Your Local SEO Ranking

Everyone reads reviews. Think about it. Anytime you want to check out a new place to read you just might read the reviews before you go in and get your grind on.

When you need a plumber you read the reviews to see how other people have liked their service. It doesn’t matter the type of business everyone should try and acquire positive reviews.

In order for you to get positive reviews you need great customer service. That is where it all starts. Getting a review from a customer needs to be part of your service or sales strategy.

Let’s say you own a restaurant and once the folks have completed their dining experience you should ask for a review.

Management should be involved in the process. Everyone in your organization should be involved. It’s also a great time to use images.

Taking a selfie with a satisfied customer speaks volumes about your service. These photos can be used to promote your business on your social media sites, website, and your Google My Business page.

Images, Sharing & Handle Your Reviews

People love sharing on social media and it is a great way to build your brand as well as get the word out about your business. Even if you fixed someones hot water tank take pictures and even take a selfie with a satisfied customer.

These little things only take a couple of minutes and shows that you care.

Even if you get a bad review. You must tackle it immediately. Make contact with that person and put the fire out. Explain how you took care of the problem and turned that experience into a positive one by answering the review.

You must handle the situation no matter what. It’s just good customer service.

Reviews are a Big Social Signal To The Search Engines Like Google.

2. Big Local SEO Tip Start Adding Your Business To Citations And Directories

It doesn’t take but a couple of minutes to add your business to a citation or a business directory that pertains to your business. You do not want to add in a whole bunch of these all at once.

Just 2, 3, or 4 per month. Maybe one a week for a few weeks then only a couple a month.

One thing that you must do is make sure your NAP (Name, Address, & Phone Number) is exactly the same on everyone that you list your business in.

It should be exactly the same as you have listed it on your website and your free Google My Business account. We mean exactly the same. If you have a dot on one it you should have a dot on all the listings.

These listings take time to get around and you will find that people actually search these listings for businesses in their local area. One big listing that you should try an get listed in is the Chamber of Commerce.

It’s also a great place to mingle with other local business owners and get ideas that are helping their business rank in the local 3 pack.

Associations are another place you should list your business. You want to be listed in associations that pertain to your type of business.

If your business is located in the United States here is a list of 50 citations you may want to consider. You can do a search for your particular country.

3. Social Signals Are Great For Local SEO Boosting

Does your business have a Facebook and or a Instagram fan page? You want to send social signals to the search engines that you are active and engaged with your audience and those 2 social sites are very popular.

Especially Google because this is the search engine that most smartphone searchers use when looking for services, food, or want to shop for a particular item.

We talked about reviews earlier but you still should remain active on social media. Just posting 3 post per day is all it takes. Giving some type of tip, advice, or just being involve in the community can pay big dividends with boosting your ranking score.

You’ll find that your audience likes to hear about how you are involved with the community as well. Always use images. Do not forget that a picture speaks a thousand words to your audience.

You can even use an auto-post feature so that you only have to do this every so often so you can get other work done.

Post Times & Let Your Social Wizards Help Out

Every audience is different. Our audience likes post around 9-10am, and 2-3pm. Your audience may be different. Those are the best times when we get the most engagement and shares.

It should become part of your marketing strategy. It builds your brand, gets folks to trust you more, and boost your search ranking in time.

Just doing these little things can benefit your business. But when you do it everyday they become a habit. Take just a couple of moments and schedule your post.

One thing we find people doing is wasting time on social media. Just answer your post and get in the habit of posting your stuff at certain times. Then move on to other jobs than need done in your organization.

You’ll also find employee’s that are social media wizards. Use them folks to help you out. You’ll be surprised at some of the outcomes. Many have built large followings and can help you gain more followers for your business as long as you let them know what you are trying to accomplish.

Let these people help you manage your social strategy, offer input, and share their ideas.

Conclusion of 3 Local SEO Tips for Businesses

Getting a better local SEO ranking score needs to become part of your marketing strategy. You want more customers, correct? You should strive to get into the local 3 pack.

Using the tips we mentioned today can help you achieve that. Does it happen overnight? No, it will take time. But as long as you continue working on it your score will keep increasing.

Just the social presence alone can have a major impact on your business. The more reviews, social engagement, and getting involve with your audience, the more referrals you will receive. You’ll also start to gain more traction by getting found in more directories.

Customer service is key. Stay on top of reviews and make sure your employees offer great customer service. Get involved in the customer service aspect.

It will grow your business. Let your social media wizards offer advice. They can give you a big benefit. Remember they are also part of the community that brings you business.

Follow These Local SEO Tips For Businesses That Want To Increase Customer Base
  • Use Keywords & Keyword Phrases
  • Use Google My Business & Completely Fill Everything Out
  • NAP (Name, Address, & Phone Number) Exactly the same
  • Get More Reviews & Stay on Top Of Them
  • Get Your Business Listed In Citations & Directories
  • Social Media Signals

These are just a few things you can do to get a higher listing in the search results. But its a big start. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it will help you get more customers.

Feel free to comment below and like us on Facebook. Keep it simple, easy, and make it part of your marketing strategy. Follow these local SEO tips for businesses and watch your customer base grow.

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