Is There A Shortcut To Making Money Online?

Is There A Shortcut To Making Money Online

We got an email from a visitor asking us, Is There A Shortcut To Making Money Online?

Maybe some of you are thinking the same thing, so let’s tackle the question and provide you a straight up answer.

After searching online for years and reading thousands of blog posts you may think that there is a faster way to earn a few bucks on the internet.

There are even thousands of videos that would give you the same impression if you listen to some of these boneheads.

Let me ask you a question, OK?

Is a baby born overnight? No, it usually takes around 9 months before it is fully developed. Isn’t that correct?

That is approximately how long a blog post takes before the search engines give you the full search value.

Plus a website needs about 32 blog posts before it starts to gain recognition from Google and the rest of search engines.

You cannot automatically start running after you are born before you learn how to crawl and then walk, correct?

The same goes for your website. Treat it like a child. You have to teach it, let it learn, and let it grow from mistakes. Some grow faster than others!

No! There Are No Shortcuts To Make Money Online

No Shortcuts To Make Money Online

Don’t believe the BS about how fast you can learn to make a few coins on the internet. Everyone has their own speed.

Sorry but NO SHORTCUTS to making money online.

You have to work very hard to learn the skills you need. Sometimes just picking your niche can be a puzzle.

Just find something that you enjoy doing, have experience at, or something you have always wanted to do. Then research it and come up with 32 -40 things that you could write about it.

Because you want your website to be very niche specific.

One more thing before you start is to check on how much competition there is in that niche. Don’t just go for something broad.

Break it down into bite size chunks!

That would be a good way to start.

Example; Don’t use weight loss. Pick something more specific. It may be supplements for weight loss, weight loss for women, or how to loss weight exercising.

Then break that down. Like how to loss weight after having a baby.

Do you understand what I’m talking about?

Yes! There Are Shortcuts To Earning Cash On The Internet

Yes You Can Earn Cash On The Internet

Yes, there are ways you can cut the time down. You still need to work smart, put in the hard work, learn your marketing skills, and have patience.

That’s right! You have to earn the cash you get on the internet.

That is why we mentioned about finding a niche and turning it into a micro niche. That is how you can chisel your way into the marketplace.

There is no magic platform, software, or program to get you to the road of success. But you can come up with a content strategy to lead you there.

Once you choose your niche, create a website and or a YouTube channel.

Picking one or two of these ways to generate traffic is your best option.

That would be blogging or vlogging. Writing blog posts and or creating videos are your best traffic generating strategies.

Make sure you choose a blazing fast hosting company for your WordPress blog. Otherwise you will lose traffic because of a slow loading website.

One thing we didn’t mention was to choose an audience. Your content needs to help them or solve a problem that they may have.

There are many ways to reach your audience like finding out what books or magazines they read.

You can also check out Quora and find out the questions that they are asking. Those questions are a great starting point for writing your content or producing your videos.

Set Goals Not Outcomes You Have No Control Over

Set Goals Not Outcomes

The next thing you need to do is set yourself some smart goals. I’m sure you have heard the term before. If not just refer to the link above at Wikipedia.

What’s the difference between goals and outcomes (wishes)?

Let’s say you want to write 100 blog posts or produce 100 videos in a specific time frame. That would be a goal that is achievable.

You also want a 100 visitors coming to your website or subscribing to your YouTube channel. Those are wishes. You can work toward those wishes.

That is not a very good goal because it is an outcome you have no control over. You can get better at your skills to help it happen.

Anything that you have no control over becomes an outcome.

The outcomes can happen and will happen as long as you put in the work to reach the goals that you have established.

The outcomes do not always fall in line with your goals so you will just have to raise your goals higher to reach the outcomes you want.

Outcomes are more like the wishes you expect.

Now your getting it, right? Your goals are things that you can do.

Don’t get your goals and outcomes twisted.

If you want your hope to come true you better get to work!

Summary: Is There A Shortcut To Making Money Online?

Listening and reading a lot of the BS on the internet you would think that there is a shortcut to make a bundle on the web.

If there was everyone would be jumping on board!

No, there are no shortcuts and we do not know of any shortcuts!

But there are ways to move along a little quicker that others.

You just have to study, learn your skills, pick a great niche, produce valuable content, work hard, be smart, set realistic goals, and be patient.

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  1. I have always wanted to make money online. Hearing people talk about it and getting scammed got me scared. Reading this article, i had a new perspective. Thanks, Amigo

    1. There are many ways to make money online. Find a problem and offer a solution. Choose a niche, build a website, create content, and drive traffic to your site. It can be a very rewarding experience once you learn the marketing skills you need.

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