Small Business Loyalty Programs

Small Business Loyalty Programs

Most small business loyalty programs are the old school punch cards. You’ve seen them and probably had a few. These are the old coffee shop rewards. Mobile Biz Buzz has flipped on the new modern day rewards card on a smartphone. These are not the old punch cards. It is based off points.

Points are earned based on what the customer spends. This gives your business more flexibility and profit. You control your profits, your list, and happy customers data. Less than 40% of small businesses offer a loyalty program. More than half of those businesses are using the old school paper punch cards.

Most large businesses have reward programs set up and can handle the expense. So we wanted to ensure that the little guy, like Mikes Pizza shop, Debbie’s Nair Shop, Eddie’s Barber Shop, Susie’s Fine Art, or what ever business you have can participate in small business loyalty programs that are in your budget range plus effective.

Our small business loyalty programs work off money spent by the customer. More local businesses can use these loyalty reward programs to grow their business. Offer multiple rewards. More Choice, happier customers, and see bigger profits. An example might be a customers spends $200 they get a $20 reward item. Spend $500 you might get a $60-$75 reward. You set the rewards and you control the entire plan. You have all the flexibility you need. You are also building your list.

Customers no longer have to make 1o trips to your place to get a reward. With the new small business loyalty programs from Mobile Biz Buzz your customers could get rewarded as soon as they have spent the reward limit. Maybe they want to keep saving their points for higher rewards. Your rewards are set up to have customers spending money. The more they spend reward them because you make a profit.

Let me remind a lot of you small businesses out there. Nothing works without great customer service. No matter what you do with small business loyalty programs do not sacrifice good customer service. Make sure your employees know that as well. Sometimes it gets tough, we all have been there with a difficult customer. Just step back and give them some space and let blow some steam. Stay calm. Relax the situation and put the fire out.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing on mobile and offers small business loyalty programs that can pay for themselves. Once the program is on a roll you will have cash that you can put into other area’s of your business. Like buy new equipment, more advertising, or pay bonuses with the extra cash. Be creative. I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with the extra cash flow. The more customers you enroll the bigger your list becomes. You heard the old saying the money is in the list.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile!

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