Social WiFi Marketing Is A Powerful Social Engagement Tool

Social WiFi marketing for business in Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida. Turn your free WiFi into a powerful social engagement tool. Visitors login to their favorite social media site. You gain reviews, likes, and shares on your fan pages to build your brand. Plus, you build a list for future marketing.

Smartphones are everywhere. Most folks carry these devices with them everywhere they go. People love free WiFi because they can save on their mobile data plan. If you do not offer free WiFi, your customers will just go down the street to one of your competitors. So it’s just good customer service these days.

Turn your free WiFi into a powerful social media engagement resource. It’s easy, simple and benefits your business. Your business can take advantage of this situation by offering Social WiFi. This marketing system enables your visitors to gain access to your free WiFi using their favorite social media site.

Social WiFi Marketing is the ultimate in building you a customer database that you can market in the future. You’ve always heard, the money is in the list. So this is your chance to grow your list of customers.

Why Use Social WiFi Marketing?

Any business that has a waiting area should include Social WiFi marketing as part of their strategy. Let’s say you have a car dealership in Daytona Beach, Florida. You have a customer that comes in for service and they are waiting for you to complete an oil change. These people have smartphones and want to use your free WiFi.

Now if those same people could log in to your free WiFi with their favorite social media site, you would be able to capture their data. At the same time, that person could give you a like and maybe even a share on your Facebook fan page. You could also ask for a review once you completed their oil change.

Here’s the point, by using Social WiFi marketing, it would enable your business to grow your customer list, build your brand and your business gets a powerful social media engagement system that gives you more likes, shares, and more reviews.

In addition, to those benefits, your business receives some of the local SEO ranking factors that boost your local search ranking score. This enables your website gets a higher ranking on google maps or the local 3 pack.

Social WiFi Content Filter

Anytime you have WiFi at a business location there is one thing you need to consider. That is a content filter. There are many states in the USA that require this. Check your regulations in your state, city, and county. You can find more information about this subject at the (NCSL) National Conference of State Legislators.

Content filters are just good customer service. You never know what people are searching for. Content filters can prevent malware and phishing attacks. These content filters restrict people from searching on these types of sites. Children at your place of business need protection from sites that are not in good taste. You have complete control and can suspend someone’s activity using your WiFi at any time.

Types Of Businesses That Use Social WiFi Marketing

Social WiFi Marketing for business is red hot in 2018 right here in Florida. Any local business in Jacksonville or Orlando can use this system. The most important businesses that can benefit would be anyone that has customers waiting, lounging or socializing. So why not let the people that use smartphones enjoy your atmosphere with free WiFi with a social media twist.

Here is a list of the most popular small businesses that can turn their free WiFi into a customer-generator and give your business more social media engagement;

  • Restaurants
  • Sports Bars & Bars
  • Fitness Centers & Gyms
  • Motels & Hotels
  • Car Dealerships
  • Retail
  • Coffee Shops
  • Any Place With A Waiting Area

Social WiFi Marketing for business down here in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida. Like we said earlier, it’s great for building a bigger customer database that will pay for itself and then some.

Look at it this way, you’re already giving away free WiFi. Why not gain and retain customers for your small business. This is one of the most powerful social media engagement tools that a business can have. More likes, shares, and reviews for your fan pages on Facebook.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing with Social WiFi Marketing.

Restaurants Need Social WiFi Marketing

Who uses free WiFi? Everyone with a smartphone. Are you ready to get some new customers or trying to retain your existing ones? This social powered engagement system is amazing.

Let’s say you manage a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. You have been racking your brain trying to figure out how to get more engagement on your Facebook fan page. In addition, your website ranking on the local 3 pack has your restaurant buried down at the bottom of the search results.

Being a smart individual you realize that you need more reviews to get you a higher ranking score for your website. You also know people that visit your restaurant enjoy your free WiFi.

The problem is, you or one of the staff have to give the login information to anyone that wants to use your service. Taking valuable time away from other tasks that need to be accomplished. Your puzzled and don’t have any solutions to your problem.

Social WiFi Marketing Solves Restaurants Problems

Then one day you and your wife are enjoying breakfast at a restaurant in Daytona Beach, Florida. Your wife grabs her smartphone and picks up a WiFi signal. She notices that they have a simple and easy login process. All she has to do is tap her favorite social media symbol and she is online.

After logging in the system it asks her to give the restaurant a like on Facebook because that was the site she chooses to log in with. She looks at her husband and says, this is very cool. Did you see this? She then explains to her husband, that she gave this restaurant, alike and shared it with her friends. Then tells her husband, this is what your restaurant needs in Jacksonville.

He then jumps up and is looking for the manager that runs this restaurant here in Daytona Beach. Then he finds the manager and starts asking questions and is so happy because he has finally found a solution to his restaurant’s problem in Jacksonville.

Social WiFi Marketing Gets Results With Creativity

The manager also shows him the number of reviews and likes they have acquired by using Social WiFi Marketing. In addition, the manager explains, how they are getting more customers on the slowest day of the week.

The manager starts out explaining, how their customer list has been growing ever since they installed the system. She tells him, we simply send out an email blast to our customer list and we include coupons to use at the restaurant on that slow day. The manager adds in, we never have a slow day anymore with a big smile.

You see, this is what Social WiFi Marketing can do for your business. Even the restaurants in Orlando. It does not matter where you are located. It works anywhere in the USA as long as you have an internet connection. Next, make it part of your mobile marketing strategy.

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