How To Speed Up A WordPress Website So You Quit Losing Customers

How To Speed Up A WordPress Website

This will be a short article about how to speed up a WordPress website. You definitely need speed these days with the explosion of smartphones. The world is mobile and you need a way to get your biz buzzing on peoples mobile phones.

Mobile search is the big dawg these days. No one leaves home without it.

Most local searches start with a smartphone. They need to know information, see a review, look at your menu, check your Facebook status.

Your information needs to stay updated and provide the best value for your potential customers. What does this have to do with speeding up my website?

Most searches hate to wait for a website to load. They say, that if your website takes 3 seconds to load, you just lost 40% of the traffic.


Because your website takes forever to pop up on a mobile device or a desktop for that matter. Website speed can cost you money. This is not a good time to lose a customer.

That is why you can afford to use nothing but the best equipment, tools, and you need to work with a solid company that has solid products. We hate to see when someone promotes junk.

Just like if you want a fast car.

It starts with the engine. You need something that outperforms all other engines. It may cost you a couple of extra dollars but one thing is for sure, you’ll have the speed you requested.

It Starts With Super Fast WordPress Hosting

The Only Hosting Recommened By Thrive Themes

This is when you need a company that backs up their claim. “Worlds fastest and easiest managed WordPress hosting service”

Yes, WPX hosting offers some of the fastest upload speeds we have seen. Solid all across the globe.

This company is worth its weight in gold.

Not only do you get blazing fast website speeds but if you need customer service, look out. They have the super flash speed for customer service as well.

No more using cheap hosting service. You need the speed or face losing customers without even knowing about it. That would be a waste of a lot of marketing hours you spent on getting traffic to your website.

Imagine losing 40 customers for every 100 visits over the speed of your website.

Do it the right way from the beginning. Get the best and forget the rest. We have used a lot of different hosting providers.

Host Gator, BlueHost, GoDaddy. and a few others. Some of these companies provided good customer service before they became corporate giants.

That is why we search and searched until we found a company that provided the service we needed.

We wanted less than 2 second load times. We got it.

Testing 2 Other Hosting Providers

Actually, the one we have in testing is loading under a second. We want to observe how long before that site goes down. No downtime after a few months using Site Ground.

Site Ground Has real good hosting and excellent customer service. You can get in to there hosting at a decent price for the first year. Then it goes up starting the second year.

Whatever one you like you should always use good site structure to get a better ranking score.

If you’re a drag and drop person that doesn’t like WordPress you might want to check out the best drag and drop website builder. They are finally starting to get below the 2 second upload speed and offer a lot of tools.

We also needed a hosting company that had great customer service. We recommend a lot of people and we have a quite a few people that are new and would need some help.

WPX hosting has first class customer service. If you cannot figure it out they will take care of the situation.

Thrive Themes Is How To Speed Up A WordPress Website

Thrive Themes is an excellent product. It will make you look like a rock star when it comes to website design. We are using Thrive Themes on a couple of other websites. It didn’t take long to figure out how to use the theme and operate everything effectively.

We will probably make the switch to Thrive Themes when our hosting time expires. Our hosting is pretty good and we haven’t had any issues. Customer service has been excellent. They have helped us a couple of different occasions and both issues caused by myself.

Sometimes it’s good to get a helping hand.

Site Ground is our current hosting provider for this website. We have tested other hosting providers and we are finding out that the two major reasons for getting the speed you need is from a great WordPress theme.

We have found that by using Thrive Themes even our performance score went up. That site is getting a 100 performance score.

The other factor was the actual hosting service and the providers. We found these guys by accident. Actually, we were looking for a great theme.

Thrive Themes recommended them to us and we watched a few videos. There was nothing but value. They even recommend the fastest hosting. WPX hosting is their only choice for speed.

Once we tested it ourselves, we were amazed at the website speed we were getting. They were beating our fastest website. They also recommend Thrive Themes.

You’ll find many of the top marketers using these services and why not? You get the best of 3 worlds.

Blazing website speed, a great looking website theme that has the proper performance coded into it, and super fast customer service that will blow your mind.

Summary for How To Speed Up A WordPress Website

Do you want website speed? You can to the right place. No more messing around trying to figure out and get the right combination of WordPress plugins to get a high performance or get a fast website speed score.

Do it the right way. Use a properly coded and well thought out theme design.

Thrive Themes is the one you were looking for, You can design a beautiful website, have great performance, faster speeds, build a money making sales funnels, and total control of your website design.

They even offer the training. You cannot beat the value they have packed into this awesome theme.

Next, you already know. You came for the speed and that is where WPX hosting comes into play. They will even move your site for free if you rather have professionals to take care of those responsibilities.

Not that you would ever need to use their customer service but just in case you can rest assured that they even have the fastest customer support you will ever receive.

The best products we recommend for faster website speed come from these two great companies.

  1. Thrive Themes
  2. WPX Hosting 
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That’s it, folks. Get those two tools to boost the quickness of your site. You’ll be glad you did. No more missing potential customers because of a slow site.

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Don’t forget to drop below and leave a comment on how you would handle your website speed or just tell us how we did.

Another good plugin we use is social sharing by Danny. Its very lightweight and we get no loss of speed from using it.

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Well, until the next trip, go work on providing faster website upload speeds for your audience. It’s just great customer service.

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