Start An Affiliate Marketing Business Creating Niche Websites

Learn How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

Start an affiliate marketing business and create money making niche websites in as little as 90 days.

No inventory, shipping, or customer service required.

Learn How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

We’ll show you how to design these websites and you’ll have your first one up and running in a 30-day time-frame.

These are real sites that are like cash in the bank.

Within 12 months you should have 4 money making niche websites completed. The first one will be your training website and that’s your evergreen niche website.

This evergreen site is to show other folks how to start their own affiliate marketing biz. Simple site telling people about your journey.

It’s a free course to help you get started. All you need to start is the digital marketing tools.

Start an affiliate marketing biz and within 2-3 years (yes, you got to work your butt off) you should have a 5 figure monthly recurring income. Not all people get the same results.

It takes discipline, hard work, and a no quit attitude. Who cares how long it takes. As long as you take action and continue working hard. You can do this in your spare time.

Your working part-time for a future full-time income. Yes, it is a challenge. You must be mentally tough to get through the hardships that you will encounter.

You will need to gain some new skills. Are you ready for the challenge?

Here’s the deal. We are going to walk you through setting up your first website step by step. You will need to purchase a domain name.

Next, you are going to need to get some great hosting so your website has a place to live.

Not all hosting is the same. You need speed, security, and great customer service.

Start An Affiliate Marketing Business In An Evergreen Niche

Start An Affiliate Marketing Business In An Evergreen Niche

You are going to start you out building an affiliate marketing business in an evergreen niche that will create a monthly recurring income.

Do you know what an evergreen niche is?

Just like an evergreen tree, it stays green all season long. An evergreen niche is a niche that never goes out of style and people need it all the time.

You’ll need great website hosting so your site has the speed it needs and you’ll also want to use a WordPress theme that is designed for speed as well.

You must have a website that loads under 2 seconds or you’ll start losing visitors to your site.

This affiliate marketing biz is designed to help you generate leads, build an email list, and start building yourself an income in due time.

Once you have your website and the digital marketing tools set up then you will need to start producing some content.

You’ll need to get rolling and produce 10 blog posts to get your site up and running.

You got 30 days to get your first website up and running.

Can you do it?

The only way this is going to work, you must take action. No action, no progress, equals no future money is going to come into your bank account.

Free Training Series Just By Following Our Blog

Free Training To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

This training course is going to be a series of blog post and videos so you know exactly what to do. We will give you step by step instructions to guide you along the way.

This training is free and will give you the information you’ll need to accomplish all the tasks of getting everything set-up.

So, the first website gives you some practice and guidance so you have the know how to put together a decent website for all future niche websites.

The first website is going to be the website that you use to teach or show other people how to get started in the affiliate marketing business.

No need to worry we will be guiding you along the way.

This is a free affiliate marketing training course and you can use it to train your people as well.

We will start out teaching you how to sell the shovels (digital marketing tools) while others look for the gold.

Summary – Start Your Affiliate Marketing Biz In An Evergreen Niche

  • ​Evergreen Niche – A Niche That Everyone Needs & Always In Style
  • Get The Right DIY Marketing Tools
  • Start Blogging 10 Blog Post To Start
  • Free Training Series
  • Generate Leads & Build A List
  • How To Use The Tools

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Next, you’ll start building your second site and choosing an affiliate marketing program.

These affiliate marketing programs that you will be using for the niche websites will be from major brands.

For example: Amazon, Cabela’s, and Camping World.

There are many companies that you can use depending on your niche that you choose.

We are not limiting you to the brand names for your affiliate marketing programs.

We just want you to know that there are many name brand affiliate marketing programs available to everyone that meets their (the brands) qualifications.

Before you apply make sure you have solid content pertaining to that niche on your website.

Yes, you will need to get approval to market these affiliate programs.

That is why we are going to give you guidance so you can get approved for these programs. So you will be able to get traffic to your websites and have people use your affiliate links.

That way you get paid from major companies when folks purchase from your affiliate links.

You’ll soon find out after you put one site together with enough content and then let the search engines start ranking your content that this can be a lot of fun.

It may be a challenge but it will also start becoming your entertainment once you’re into it.

You’ll be able to put as many of these sites together as you can. You’ll also build up your main website as we go along. This will be your evergreen site because it will always be blooming once you get it rolling.

​Learn How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

Are you truly ready to start your very own affiliate marketing biz? It will not be easy and the affiliate marketing training series will be free. You’ll need to be a go-getter and work smart to make it happen.

The only one that is responsible for your results, is you. No one else is going to hold your hand and do the work for you. It will be up to you to accomplish the task that we will provide for you.

Once you have you’re first website up and running, we will give you some feedback and offer suggestions that should improve your site.

Don’t take the feedback personally.

Take it from a professional point of view.

We are only trying to help you succeed.

We will also give you pointers on search engine optimization (SEO). This will give you guidance for getting a better search ranking score.

It takes time for a new website to rank with the search engines.

Everything we show you will be all white hat. We are not even using back-links.

So, if you are willing to take the challenge and want to learn the skills to start your very own affiliate marketing business then contact us.

Leave me your best email with your first name. It would be wise for you to tell us what you want to learn about in the comment section.

​Summary Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • ​Use Major Brands For Your Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Make Sure You Have Solid Content Before Applying To A Program
  • Get Feedback For Your Website
  • You Must Be A Go-Getter
  • Don’t Take Feedback Personal Take It Professionally
  • Are You Ready To Take The Challenge?

Run Your Business & Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Your Running A Business Take Responsibility

​This is not a get rich scheme and comes with no guarantee. This is your business, that you are building.

We can only offer you suggestions. Your first website will help you build your competence.

Results will be based on your experiences, skills, and your learning curve. Take Responsibility, it’s your business.

Your effort and the skills you have will play a major factor in your results. It will be totally up to you to succeed.

We will offer you advice and suggestions but any results will come from you’re very own hard work.

Start By Choosing A Website Builder

We have 2 site builders to recommend. One is WordPress. You will need to sign up for hosting and buy a domain name (we will give you our recommendations in a moment).

The other is a drag and drop pixel perfect builder with all the digital marketing tools you need to learn how to start an affiliate marketing business.

It’s called Builderall. Is Builderall worth it? You be the judge and read the review. We use both. Both are great products. With WordPress you’ll need to get the best hosting.

Our website speed is pretty fast. We have our hosting from Site Ground currently. They are fast, secure, and offer great customer service but we will be moving once our obligation expires.

Our number one choice is WPX Hosting. It’s the fastest hosting for your money. Their customer service is also blazing fast.

You’ll need a WordPress theme next. We will discuss some very fast free WP themes. You can always purchase a theme but wait until you get the hang of things. We would recommend Thrive Themes.

In addition, Thrive Themes is the best theme for lead capture, list building, and starting to create a recurring income with your new online affiliate marketing business.

Why Are We Offering This Affiliate Marketing Training Workshop?

Affiliate Marketing Training Workshop

This is just our way of giving back and to show folks that you do not need to buy all the overpriced programs that are on the marketplace.

We ask that once you learn how to make money with this affiliate marketing business training that you share your knowledge with the people that you bring in from you’re website.

When you help enough other people it will always come back to you. We will make a small commission from the affiliate links for the products we recommend.

That is what affiliate marketing is all about.

We only recommend products that we have used or have researched and feel that it’s one of the best products available.

Do not promote products that are no good just so you can make a commission. Be a professional and do the right thing.

Treat people like you would want to be treated.

Do not write a good review for a bad product. Just tell the truth.

You’ll get farther ahead and stay in business a lot longer when you do it the right way. Too many people have been screwed over buying products that make big promises but do not deliver.

That is why we are not selling a dream or some training course that cons people into thinking they are going to make all kinds of cash without a lot of hard smart work..

​Summary for Take Responsibility

  • It’s Your Business You Own It Take Responsibility
  • ​It’s Up To You To Get Results
  • Remember It’s Long Term So Don’t Be A Quitter
  • Help Other People Starting Out
  • Offer Value And Solutions

Conclusion – Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

  • It Takes Hard Work Dedication And A No Quit Attitude
  • Start Your First Site In An Evergreen Niche
  • Free Training Course Right From Our Website
  • Use Major Brands For Your Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Are You Ready For The Challenge?
  • Take Responsibility It’s Your Business
  • Share The Training With Others – Give Back

To get started, pick out a website builder. Is it WordPress or Builderall? If you choose WordPress start a hosting plan. We recommended the best. Which is WPX Hosting.

What hosting company did you choose, WPX Hosting or Builderall? After that, click on the black button below and subscribe to the training for further instructions.

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