Travel And Start An Online Business Like A Smart Entrepreneur

Start An Online Business

Yes, you can travel and start an online business like a smart entrepreneur. If your not traveling your probably stuck in some, same ole thang called a job.

Same thing day in and day out. Put your spare time to good use. Start an online business.

Even if it takes a few years to get it producing the cash flow you need to travel. It’s time to start planning for the future. It’s pretty easy getting started and the great thing about starting your own business is you are boss.

Work the hours you want, when you want and you get to enjoy yourself with your friends, relatives, neighbors and loved ones. Taking time to do the things you have always wanted to do. Doing what you dreamed of doing your whole life. But maybe were afraid to do it.

It is time to take the leap of faith. Learn how to become an entrepreneur. Slow down just a little. First, you may need a plan to get this income and second, don’t quit your day job quite yet.

We’ve got you covered on a simple strategy to help you get there. Something to just give you a little guidance so you got a checklist, sort of. These steps will save you a lot of headaches and put you on the right path so you can become a successful entrepreneur.

The nice thing about this is you can learn as apply the task to your marketing efforts. Your going to learn how to get this monster off the ground. Never stop learning and apply your knowledge. Always try to offer help other people. Identify problems and offer a solution. Don’t forget that.

It will take you a long way in the digital marketing arena. Work smart, hard and never give up.

6 Simple Steps To Start An Online Business

6 Steps To Start An Online Business

It is not so simple to start an online business when your sort of confused and have no clear plan to get you to the road of success. You really need to sit down and jot down a quick outline to so have a strategy to make this work.

Some people go down the shiny object syndrome. They buy an assortment of different programs that promise results and you never seem to have any success. These folks just keep on buying something they totally do not need.

Then you have the people that blog, blog, blog some more, even more blog posts and they still have no clear path to follow. You need multiple ways of getting traffic and then once you get traffic you better have some way of capturing the email to help you build your list.

Then you have the folks that type in on google, “How To Make Money Online” Once you get into that arena you start getting slammed with everyone’s stuff that you signed up for.

Stuff that you don’t even read. You seem to be looking for quick answers to your problem. So, check this out.

1. Identify Your Market, Audience, & Have A Solution

Who Is Your Audience - Know Who Your Customer Is

Before you start anything you really need to get this in order so your starting out on the right path. What’s the problem? Who are the people that have this problem? You must remember, your in the business of helping other people.

Write out who your perfect customer is. The more detailed the better. You’ll then know who you are looking for and who has the problem that you have a solution for.

Your solution needs to be very detailed using every thing you can use as content. Video, blog, presentation, images, infographs and maybe even a t shirt or some hats. Why not spread your own message. Let people know what you do for your side hustle.

This information is vital towards your success. This information is what you’re going to build your business on. It’s your foundation and it needs to be rock solid so you can build upon that. This is the first step and you cannot build a solid business without it.

Take your time because building your foundation is the key to get you down the right road. We see people just start blogging and go on and on without no success. They missed the first step.

Lay down the foundation and allow yourself to follow the road to that point where you can do what you really want to do. But you will not get any where until you accomplish this first step. Just do it.

Use good long tail keywords in all your articles and content. Try to follow the schema guidelines. (google it) Use short sentences, easy to understand and a font size that best fits your audience. You may need a little understanding about SEO before you even start writing. It only helps.

2. Identify 2 Social Media Sites Your Audience Hangs Out

Do your research before you start your own business and find out where your audience hangs out at. You want to be where your crowd is. That is where you will be able to start engaging with these people.

These are the ones that you identified had a problem. These are the people that need to know your solution.

Some new marketers want to try and be greedy and wonderful from social media site to social media site and really never find their audience. You got to dig them out. It takes time and smart work. We’ll talk about funnels shortly.

Google, research and reading blogs can give you the information you need. Take the time to do it or end up with no traffic and no following. Your business may even end up broke. So take the time and do it the right way.

Once you find out where you audience hangs out then you know what your  main focus will be on in these two social media sites. These two places is where you will build trust, your brand and start getting customers into your sales funnels so you can capture their email to become part of your list.

Domain, Blog, Social Media – Setting Everything Up

Social Media- Getting Everything All Set Up

This is your opportunity to come up with a domain name for your online business. Keep it short, preferably  15 letters or less. Try to use keywords if possible, some people even use their name if they are a building their brand.

You should check to see if that name is available, not only for the domain but for your social media sites as well. Nothing worst than starting something and finding out your name is not available.

After you completed the naming process, its time to start setting everything up. Your going to need cover images, logos, motto, slogan and your main message. Use images wisely they can give you great results. These images are the key to keeping a visitor at your site where they landed.

Next is setting up your website. Pick a platform. Not sure who to choose. Read our Builderall review to find out in debt information about this hosting company.

For you folks that are using WordPress, make sure you have the best and fastest hosting so you do not lose visitors to your site.

You’ll also want to get started and lay your website out. You’ll need a disclaimer page, privacy policy and a website use page so you comply with most of the legal stuff. Check with your attorney for more information.

You should have your main page. This is the first page of your website and sets the tone for everything else to follow. It should be your best piece of content for that situation. You’ll also want to have an about page.

Great place to add in a video. Make sure you add in any pages that you need to build a solid foundation. Add a few blogs that link back to your foundation pages. Speed as much time as you need. Get them pages right and very detailed. This is your foundation for your website. Make sure you use images.

Getting Everything Ready To Market

You should have everything set up, looking professional, all of your great covers should be the same to help people recognize your brand. Social Media covers, thumb nails, business cards, hats, website header and any other marketing material.

It’s what is going to set your brand a part. In addition, it’s your message. You just need to get folks to trust you by proving great content. So we encourage you to have 90 images that send a message with some of your best quotes that you like and would pertain to your business.

Also add in your domain name on these images with your favorite quotes. You are going to use these as social media billboards when you start marketing. You see them all the time.

Try to stay with the same colors that you used for your social media cover images. You never seem to have enough images. It seems that infographics bring the best results. So put together a few infographics together to use in your marketing.

Also for every blog that you write, produce a short commercial video of it to use as another social media billboard. It’s another traffic source and gets people to your website, social media site or a landing page of some sort. Just use your smartphone. Use the same title as your blog or website page. Link it to where you want your audience to go.

Hey Wait A Minute! We Thought You Said,  “It Was Simple”

Wait A Minute

You have to have the entrepreneur spirit. No one said it was easy to have success. It’s just having a strategy that works. Taking action and getting the work done. Your the Business Owner. Believe me, the hard work pays off in time as long as your are consistent.

Builderall has a complete marketing system with sales funnels and drag and drop website design. Try out their business opportunity with the Builderall Business Pro Platform.

Yes, there is a simpler way and that uses prebuilt templates for this stuff and also has the tools to do most of this. You can visit Builderall and learn about all of their tools that you can use to accomplish most of the task that we outlined. They have a DIY Marketing platform already set up for you.

We also are part of the Builderall Business Pro team because we can use all the tools to build our business. In addition, we can promote that business opportunity and get two tier commissions. You can do the same and we’ll provide you with our exclusive training.

The exclusive training from our Business Builder Team will have most of this done for you by attending our training that lays everything out. Step by step instructions of exactly what to do and when to do it.

3. Start Building Your E-Mail List

E Mail Marketing Boss

There are many great email platforms that will help you build your list like If your using WordPress then you may want to go with A Weber or Auto Response. If you need a website builder and an email autoresponder we recommend the Mailing Boss. Mailing Boss is included when you join Builderall. It will save you some money.

This is when you’ll set up an email autoresponder on your website. This is also an early stage of setting up the funnels you will use. When you join our team you also will receive our email scripts for your funnels we will let you use.

Otherwise you will need to write them out yourself or hire a professional like us to do the work for you. As you can see, everything should be coming along nicely except it might have been very time consuming.

When you join our team of Business Builders your time will probably be cut in half if not more. In addition, you will know its right and that it works. It’s a duplicatible system and you get to use it and so do your customers. It just gets everyone up and running quicker with faster results.

You can also get a 365 day plan already set up with everything you need to start a sales funnel when you join Builderall under us. We help you along the way and give you content to market. We also provide sales funnels that you can use once you put your own business information on the material.

4. Your Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet

Next it’s time to develop your lead magnet or multiple lead magnets. This is when you will need something that is worth the customer giving you their name and email address.

You can give away e-books, infographics, how to videos, webinars or maybe even some exclusive training so you can get everything set up and running. On top of that have a couple of mentors that will guide you along the way.

Any images that you use should look very professional and entice people to want it in exchange for their email. The title needs to grab your attention. You only got a few seconds when they first see your masterpiece. Will it win their email?

Do a little A?B testing and see which one gets the best results. Always be improving. Once you find the winning formula ride the storm out and start getting ready for a new lead magnet. Bring it in slowly so you can give it a good workout.

Your looking for the best results that are capturing leads. That’s why its called a lead magnet. It better be bringing in the leads. It should unless it has no traffic. You have to have traffic. These lead magnets will become part of your social media billboards.

Little giveaways to take the pain away. Offer a solution to their problem. Here take this to get that. By the way, leave your name and email and we’ll unlock the solution.

You are now in the early phase of putting your sales funnels to work. Time to get these little social media billboards off in running. Come up with a great image to go with it or use the ones we provide when your part of our Business Builder Team.

5. Driving Traffic To Your Website

Drive Traffic And Capture Leads

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. This is the anchor of the whole operation. You must have a traffic source. You probably need multiple ways of generating traffic to your website.

We start right from the website itself. This is your foundation. You have been improving while you have put this sales machine into operation. It’s time to feed it some traffic. Plus you need to keep adding to your content by writing more blogs. Set a goal of 2-3 per week for 90 days.

Before you know it you’ll have 50 great blog post packed with great content. First take a look at what you already have and make any necessary improvements. Just take a look at your competition. Study up on a few seo ranking factors and apply those principles toward your website.

It’s time consuming again. But you’ll be better for it in the long run. When people come to your site they are looking for answers. Why did they type that in? They wanted information. They needed an answer or a solution to some type of problem. That is why you worked hard on your content.

So if you can improve your SEO and find a couple of great long tail keywords and your content gets on the first page you more than likely will get some traffic.

More than likely when you first start, your ranking will suck. It takes a little getting use to writing your articles and keeping those keywords in the back of your mind.

Start out with a little SEO training from Moz. They have an excellent learning center and you can learn the skills you need to get a better ranking score.

But that’s OK if your a member of our Business Builder Team. Because we are going to show you other ways to get traffic and capture leads.

Use Social Media To Get Traffic And Build Your Brand

It’s time to start your marketing on the social media networks. You should of picked your best two social media sites. In addition, those two social media sites better be the place where your audience is hanging out. You have to start digging for gold.

This is when you start to use all of your content and post this content on you’re two most favorite social media sites. You should post twelve great pieces of content every morning. Spread them out in 5 minute intervals.

You have 100 images already done and ready to go to work. Post 2 blog post, 2 short video commercials about the blogs you wrote. 6 images and 2 sales funnel post to capture a lead.

At lunch time you can retweet or re post this content. Use keywords when posting. Don’t forget dinner time. Just re-post what you already have.

People work in different shifts, time frames and look at their social media sites different times of the day. You caught most of them with this strategy. So your really posting 36 times in a day.

People are seeing you at the most important times of the day. Your brand is building. You may even caught a lead or two.

How To Generate Followers

This is a long hard tough way of getting followers. Invite your friends that you already associate with. Ask them to follow your fan pages or tell them what you do. Next step is to dig deep and find 12 people to follow everyday on your two famous social media sites.

The following week go through the people you are following and remove anyone that does not follow back. Sometimes you may let a couple slide. Do this every single day that you get a chance.

Just keep reminding yourself that you are building your business. Stay positive and keep posting your content. You must stay consistent. It’s only 12 post in one hour. Then all you have to do is re-post them later.

Make sure every time you write a blog you produce a short video for it. Build up your library of videos and use keywords in the title and description to help it receive some ranking. You’ll be surprised how fast a video can rank in the search results.

Videos are part of social media and are another piece of content that can draw traffic where ever it is posted. It’s a great way to build a brand. The one thing about any of these methods is that they take time. Your trying to get traffic to your website for free.

6. It’s Time For Paid Traffic

Get Traffic - You Have To Pay To Play

These days you got to pay to in order to play. It’s the fastest way to get traffic. Alright, more than likely it took you 90 days to complete all the tasks from above. You are locked and loaded with sales funnels, lead capture tools, your brand is getting recognized. It’s time to invest in our business.

It’s time to take those tested sales funnels and lead magnets and have them develop us a following using paid advertising from our two favorite social media site. Do your research and read the guidelines from both of your social sites. Better yet, just start with one at a time and get it going before you start the 2nd one.

Check out your competition. Look at their advertising and check out their offers. Start an account and get comfortable with the program. Make sure you understand how everything works. Ask them questions that you need answered. Put a few ads together so you can a/b test them.

Use solid keywords and have a great title. Again look at the competition. What sets you apart? Now, set a budget. At first your trying to gain followers. Very cheap and it will five you a feel how everything works. You start to gain more confidence once you get rolling.

Some where between 30 and 60 days add in a couple of your lead capture funnels. A/B test those funnels. Every 30 days look at your results. You’ll know what is working and what is not. Always try to improve. But you must give time for the ads to work.

Add Your Products, services or opportunity into the mix after 90 days of success. You don’t have a product? No problem. You can use the Builderall Business Pro platform and market it until you have the cash flow to do what you want or start a niche that you enjoy doing.

Start An Online Business With Builderall

Start An Online Business With Builderall

Yes, you can gain access to all 26 tools, design your websites, host your sites, produce animated videos, capture email using the Boss E-Mail Platform that allows you to have up to 10,000 subscribers. All of your websites have ssl certificates and they remain secure with Builderall’s State Of The Art Technology.

You’ll have to check it out for yourself. It will give you the tools you need to market your business, This is a very rewarding business with the two tier commission structure. You not only get paid from your referrals but you also get paid the same amount when your referrals signs some one up.

It’s like getting a double paycheck. We like it for that reason. You can create a passive income very quickly using their methods. They have many sales funnels that are pre-designed and ready to add your info. You can get a campaign up in running in no time.

You seen it took 90 days for you to complete the above tasks. With Builderall you can have all of that done in 30 days and be making money. You just need to follow the system and get guidance from the person that brought you in.

We offer a system and the training to go with it. You will need Builderall to get the big commission checks. We have the training at Affiliate Marketing Insiders.

The best part is the training is Free for our team members. Join us and you too can be traveling and still start an online business or start creating a passive income so you can enjoy life down the road.

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