How To Start A Website Design Business Using A Money Making Platform

How To Start A Website Design Business

How to start a website design business using a money making platform that will earn you a full time income. This isn’t for the person that thinks you can sit at home and just play around with website builders.

How To Start A Website Design Business

If you are willing to get off your behind and start making some money then pay attention because this information is a game changer to help you get started right in your local community.

Is it going to be easy? No, you got to get out of your comfort zone and be willing to hustle and learn some new skills. What digital marketing tools will you need? We are only going to recommend one platform at this time.

Builderall offers all of the digital marketing tools you need. What if you do not have any skills at web design? Builderall has over 400 video tutorials to teach you how to use all of the tools.

How To Start A Website Design Business With Limited Funds

How To Start A Website Design Business Using Builderall

You can learn the skills as you design your own website. This platform that we recommend has plenty of training to get you on track. Use good SEO practices when building your website to get a better ranking score.

How do I get started? Leave a comment at the end of this article and contact us and we’ll hook you up (that is how you get our help along the way).

We recommend you start with the best drag and drop website builder to help you get started because it will be the easier one to learn. How much does it cost? The Builderall Business Plan will run you $49.90 a month.

It will come with all the digital marketing tools you need. Even if a client wants to build the website themselves they can do so. You just need to get them to sign up using your affiliate link.

The first thing you need to do is build yourself a website for the local area. You’re going to need a domain name and you can get one at GoDaddy or purchase one at Builderall for a very cheap price. Keep the name simple and short.

Why Use Builderall For Your Website Design Business?

How to start a website design business doesn’t mean you need to spend a bunch of money to get started. No need to learn coding and all of the complicated things. Builderall is simple to use and very easy to learn.

When you’re first starting out you need something simple and easy to learn like the drag and drop pixel perfect website builder. You can get first hand experience by designing your own website.

They even have pre-built templates if you need to use them. When you build your new site include some pre-built websites on a portfolio page. Make sure everything looks great on a smartphone.

When you give a presentation show the business owner what the website looks like from the desktop view as well as from a mobile device. Make sure that their phone number is clickable from a smartphone.

Speedy & Smart Website Design Tools

Speedy and Smart Website Design

You want to be able to build local businesses websites very quickly. Strive for a 72 hour turn around. Next week at the latest. The faster you get one done allows you to move on to the next one. Plus you get the smart digital marketing tool package.

These websites should be no more than 5-9 pages. Simple and easy to build. You will want to know the colors that the business uses for their brand, logo, and even what’s on their business card.

You should become the sales person until you have enough money coming in to hire a professional. Don’t worry about becoming an expert. The more you practice the better you will get.

Target the simple businesses like beauty shops, lawn care, barber shops, plumbers, small restaurants, auto shops, body shops. fitness centers, and anyone else that you can think of. Mom and pop type businesses.

You will need to learn how to write content and the local SEO ranking factors. That way you are not waiting around for them to provide you the content. Use your smartphone to take pictures to include in their website unless they have images for you.

Start Learning Local SEO Skills

Start Learning Local SEO

Inside the Builderall platform you will find an on page SEO app. Learn it inside out. Read about the top local SEO ranking factors and know how to apply them.

Learning the top local SEO ranking factors can become a big benefit to increasing your income. When a website can get found in the local search results and you have proven you can do it, your income will keep climbing.

Another great way to help you out is to learn all you can about Google My Business. Once you get it down and can show people how to claim their listing and how to make it more effective it can become a powerful tool for you.

It will open up many more opportunities for you to get more business. You want to offer very affordable websites so you can get paid very quickly.

As your skills improve you can always charge more money. Especially when you can include local SEO into the mix.

Earn More Money By Learning Local SEO

Writing the content when you are building these local websites will help you sell your design service faster. But getting those websites ranked in the local search results will give you an opportunity to get a bigger piece of the pie.

When you start to get first page results the word will get around rather quickly. What good is a website that cannot get found online? When you first start selling your website design service you might only charge $500-$1000 for a simple website.

Now if that website can get found in the local search results or will get found after a few months the value of that site just went up. Think of a roofer that needs a website. You charge them a $1000 for a simple site.

How much is a new customer worth to that roofing business? $5000-$10,000, correct? Let them know that you have a way for them to get more customers. Do you think they would pay you an extra $500-$1000 a month for 4 or 6 extra customers per month?

Also let them know that it will take time or that you can do it with paid advertising (another thing you learn from the training from Builderall). Charge them a monthly fee for the paid advertising while you are working on the organic results.

Combine Website Design With Local SEO Services To Increase Your Income

Combine Website Design & Local SEO

When you can combine both of those services you do not need a lot of clients to make $10,000 a month. It takes a time to learn the SEO skills but you can learn those skills as you are building your website design business.

Start with website design and add on the local SEO service later. That will build you a customer base. You can even charge a monthly maintenance fee if they want you to maintain the website.

But you will already be making an income from Builderall from hosting their site with that platform. They can also make the changes to their own website if they do not want to pay you a monthly maintenance fee.

But if they need help you can either do it for free or charge them a one time fee for your time. Like $50-$75 an hour. How ever you decide to work out your rates and services.

Conclusion: How To Start A Website Design Business

Once you see what is all included in the Builderall Business Plan you will be amazed by all the digital marketing tools you receive from that package. There is no up sales and all the other BS that goes along with other programs.

Buiilderall is actually a hosting company. But it is more than a website builder. This is just one of the 57 ways you can make money using the all in one platform.

There are many business opportunities using this hosting company. Is Builderall worth it? Read that article and you will see that it is a combination of a lot of other programs that are on the market.

It’s just a great value and a way for you to learn how to start a website design business. To learn about more great business opportunities just follow us on Facebook.

Drop down below and leave a comment and do not forget to share this article by clicking on your favorite social media icon below. Did you get a chance to read about Builderall’s affiliate program. Check it out and until next time, cheers.

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