Can You Use WordPress With Builderall? (Blazing Fast Hosting)

Can You Use WordPress With Builderall

Yes, you can use WordPress with Builderall. We tested the upload speed and was amazed at the blazing fast speed from any where in the world.

Builderall now offers hosting for WordPress websites.

So you have a choice of some of the best website builders you will find. We all know about WordPress and it’s popularity among internet marketers.

But in case you didn’t know it, Builderall has it’s own responsive website builder as well. It’s called the Cheetah Website Builder.

Do you want to design yourself a website?

You now have options when you use the Builderall platform.

Both website builders are extremely fast.

You do not even need to choose a theme using the Cheetah Builder.

But if you want to design a fast loading website with WordPress you need to choose a high performance theme.

Who do we recommend?

Fastest WordPress Theme Using Builderall Hosting

Astra Is The Fasest WordPress Theme Hosting With Builderall

Trying to find the best performing theme for our WordPress website was no easy task. We tested over 50 themes to find the one with the fastest speed.

We wanted a blazing fast theme that offered upload speeds of less than a half a second but it also needed a great performance score.

Most everyone is jumping on board with Astra Themes. Since it’s launch (last 2 years) over 400,000 websites are using this high performing theme.

For the test we used the website speed test tool from Pingdom.

Here are the results after testing from Washington DC.

Astra Theme Website Speed Test From Washington DC.

Next we needed our site to upload very fast all over the world. So here are the results from Sidney, Australia.

Website Speed Test From Sidney Australia

If you think you have a faster WordPress theme post the results in the comment section with your proof like we did above.

Don’t forget. We tested the Free Astra Theme.

Builderall already has a CDN network in place around the entire globe.

Does your website load less than 2 seconds from any where in the world?

That is the speed you need to keep customers.

What WordPress theme are you using?

Is it giving you a high performance score?

Does your hosting company have blazing fast hosting?

Not all hosting companies are created equally.

The bottom line is you could be losing customers if your website does not load under 2 seconds.

You need fast hosting and a high performance theme if your going to be using WordPress to design your website.

Astra And Builderall Are A Great Match

Astra And Builderall Make A Great Match.

We have used many hosting companies during our time as an internet marketer. Can you use WordPress with Builderall?

Did you see the image above from our website speed test?

There are only a handful of hosting companies that we will even recommend.

Especially when it comes down to hosting a WordPress website.

You got to have managed WordPress hosting.

Do not fall for the cheap shared hosting plans or you’ll pay for it later.

Once you find a hosting provider that offers managed WordPress hosting you need to ensure they have the speed you need.

But in order to get the speed you need you must have a high performance WP theme.

We found it by testing many other themes on the same hosting platform and other fast hosting providers.

Astra was our hands down winner.

The other reason we chose Astra is because the theme we tested was free.

We wanted to have free access to a fast theme for everyone.

That way anyone can now get a fast loading theme without shelling out a bunch of money.

Astra also has some very affordable agency plans that you can use to start your own digital marketing company in your community.

BA gives you the ability to build a WordPress website or a pixel perfect site for any client you might have.

Astra and Builderall are a great match and will give you the speed you need for you or your clients.

In addition, you get the digital marketing tools you need from BA.

Is Builderall Worth The Investment?

That’s a good question. Is Builderall worth the investment?

What digital marketing tools do you use or need?

Are they under a single roof to save you time and money?

How fast does your website load up for your potential customers?

Are you using sales funnels as part of your marketing strategy?

These are some of the questions you need to answer for your business.

That way you can determine if Builderall is worth it for your business.

Take a look and see what they offer that can help your business grow.

Read our review of Builderall and take a 14 day test drive.

Then you will truly know if BA is right for your business.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to start a side hustle using Builderall.

They have everything you need to start an online business.

You might even want to take the boot camp training to learn how to use and operate all the digital marketing tools.

Is Builderall Your Game Changer?

Is Builderall Your Game Changer

Builderall has changed the game.

Now you can use WordPress and have your site hosted at Builderall.

The hosting is extremely fast and you can even learn to use all of the other digital marketing tools that they offer.

You may even find that you like the new Cheetah website builder better than you do WordPress.

It is a true DIY Cheetah website builder? Just drag and drop. It’s that easy once you get the hang of it.

It also provides you with endless possibilities. You can use it to design Twitter and Facebook covers.

Blog covers and you can even make a few bucks offering your new design skills to other business owners.

Do you have a local business marketing strategy to build your brand?

Builderall can be the game changer to get your marketing into high gear.

They have the tools and many people from the community share their strategies or even offer suggestions.

BA Nation has a helping community of entrepreneurs.

Builderall (BA Nation) Has A Helpful Community

Builderall Has A Helpful Community

You’ve probably noticed that Builderall has a helpful community of entrepreneurs that are there to answer questions and offer advice.

It’s always good to have good people in your corner especially when you are new to the online marketing world.

BA has many Facebook groups, some are private and some are offered to the public so you can get a feel for this platform.

You’ll notice inside these groups that they are always providing training and other tutorials to help you with your online business.

It’s always great to get advice, especially when it really works.

Just like on our site here we share many of the SEO best practices, local marketing strategies, affiliate marketing training lessons, and we even get into how to make money locally.

Those small communities offer advice about different niches and different ways to earn a few bucks on the internet.

As a matter of fact you can even promote Builderall and they have an awesome 2 tier commission plan that is worth checking out.

Builderall Offers WordPress Hosting

Builderall Offers Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting

Builderall now offers blazing fast WordPress hosting for their customers.

Make sure you use a high performance theme like Astra.

You operate everything the same as you normally would using the content management system WordPress.

To keep your website loading very quickly and to provide you with a little extra security we recommend a few WP plugins.

Just a note: The Cheetah Builder does not require a theme or any WordPress plugins when you are building your website.

The fewer plugins you use the better.

Keep your site lean and mean against attackers.

But maintain the speed you need.

Top WordPress Plugins To Use With BA

Top WordPress Plugins

There is nothing like having a fast loading website. You know your customers are happy and potential ones as well.

But you want a website that get get found online, is secure, loads fast, and blocks all the BS spam you get in the comments section.

Here are a few WordPress Plugins we recommend.

  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Yoast SEO
  • Anti-Spam
  • Wordfence Security
  • W3 Total Cache

But to keep that site blazing fast you need to keep an eye on a few thing things. One is the images you use on your site.

The EWWW Image Optimizer will take care of all the heavy lifting.

Next is the Yoast SEO plugin. This will guide you to a better ranking score.

The Anti-Spam plug in will save you a ton of work. No need to be constantly deleting spam comments once you activate that great plugin.

The Wordfence Security plugin is a must have. Anti-virus, Malware, and Firewall scan. Stay in the know with your security.

The W3 Total Cache plugin improves your speed and provides a good user experience.

In addition, you may want to use the plugin GA Google Analytics to add your tracking code to your website so you have the data you need.

Let us know what are your favorite plugins in the comment section.

Summary: Can You Use WordPress With Builderall? (Blazing Fast Hosting)

Yes you can use WordPress with Builderall.

The competition just got tougher with Builderall adding hosting for WordPress websites.

They did not half step when it can to the upload speed.

You get blazing fast upload speeds when you use the right theme.

Our top performing free theme was Astra. It’s a great match with BA.

Now you can get all the digital marketing tools you need with some fantastic hosting provided by Builderall.

They have an awesome affiliate program as well.

Builderall is a game changer in the online world.

They have sales funnel builders, video wrapper tool, pixel perfect builders, WordPress hosting, email marketing services, mobile app creator, and over 30 other digital marketing tools.

You’ll have to check them out.

Have you set up your Chatbot yet? You can do it using the chatbot tool at BA.

Are you ranking with SEO?

BA even has an on page SEO tool to help you get a better ranking in the search results.

In addition, they have a training courses so you can learn the most important digital marketing tools quickly.

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