Video Marketing For Local Business To Sky Rocket Your Value

Why Use Video Marketing For Local Business?

Why Use Video Marketing For Local Businesses

Video Marketing for local business must become a key part of your DIY local marketing strategy because it provides big-time value.

This type of content is more authentic, it gives more appeal and reaches the emotional state of smartphone audience.

It’s one of the many mobile marketing ideas that is taking off like a rocket ship. Why? Video is booming because smartphone customers are demanding it.

According to HubSpot research shows 54% of people prefer content that is video. Don’t take my word for it, go check it out. That number is growing faster than a locomotive.

Even a Facebook executive predicted that their platform will be all video in less than 5 years. Do you think it time for your local business to jump on board?

You better, before your competition leaves your business in the dust. Do we need to hire big fancy video production crews to get us started? No, we can ease our way in. Just by using a simple tool that we carry with us daily.

That’s right, our smartphone. What a wonderful device. We use it for almost everything we do. Some of us may never leave home without it.

Use Video As Social Media Billboards

You can produce short videos and post them on your social media fan pages. These videos are like little social media billboards for your business.

They get reactions from your fans and they are more likely to leave a comment. It’s like people are hungry for video. Now, if you got a pretty decent amount of followers on Facebook, you can even go live and get your message out very quickly.

With everyone on the go, you can provide relevant content and build value for your brand at the same time.

Looking at an article on, it’s estimated that by 2019 about 85% of the online traffic in the United States will be associated with a video.

These figures should definitely give you a reason why your business should be using video and making it part of your local marketing for business plan.

Next, we will provide you with some ideas on how to use video marketing for local business in your own community. You just need to get a little creative, have a decent smartphone and understand your audience.

These short videos will pay off and build trust for your brand. You must provide value to make them effective. Next, time to be innovative.


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