Take Advantage Of Using Videos On You Tube

You Tube Take Advantage for video marketing

Using video to capture the attention of smartphone users is simpler than you might imagine especially here in Florida. You have your local community and your out of town guests that just want to enjoy what we have to offer. Most of us already have an account with google already set up. If not, go get an account, its free. Just use your business name.

Next its time to create your You Tube account. You can use your business name and get your account verified so you can use your logo for your thumbnails. That way you can build good business recognition. Again, this is also a free account with You Tube. Even if you want to do some paid advertising, you can go that route if you wish.

Short videos are perfect for building value and people just like video. Smartphone users are on the go and want something short, to the point and it gives them the information they were searching for. So the first thing to do is start letting everyone in town that lives in our great community know who you are. It all starts with your local marketing efforts.

Get your website in tip top shape. Make it easy to navigate and easy to use. Start building your following on your social media sites. Once you got all things rolling your ready to start using video marketing for your local business. Take advantage of You Tube.

You Tube is the second largest search engine in the world and local businesses can take advantage of this with good quality content using videos. You can produce short videos that can explain your products and services. Write a good description that includes your local city and even provide a link back to a particular page on your website.

These videos will show up in the local search results very quickly and get high ranking results as long as you use proper search engine optimization techniques. Once you get the hang of producing this powerful content its time to start producing short videos that you can use as little billboards all across your social media sites.

OK folks, lets dig in with the city that provides big events like auto racing, bike week and people that just love to flock to the worlds most famous beach.