Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall – Which Affiliate Program Is Better

Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate

Today we are going to review Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate and let you know which is the best platform for you and which one that offers the most value.

We will cover a lot of information and provide you with a show down.

What will we cover?

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Neither program is a get rich scheme. Both are solid companies that just have different business models.

Anyone that thinks you can get rich overnight has another thing coming.

You have to work hard, be dedicated to your craft, learn new skills, offer value to your audience, and be very patient in getting results.

Maybe you heard otherwise but these are the true facts. No matter what you heard each person has different results and your success starts right between your ears.

Review of Builderall or Wealthy Affiliate

Review Of Wealthy Affiliate VS Builderall

For starters they both offer an affiliate marketing program. We will cover the affiliate program in great detail so you know exactly how you get paid from either one.

They also have different pricing structures for their products. We will cover these as well so you know what price point is best for you.

Their training programs are completely different and one takes a blogging approach while the other one recommends sales funnels.

Being an SEO guy we also like to check the speed of a site built and hosted on their hosting platforms. We will show you the results.

They also use 2 different website builders as their flagship site builders.

One uses the WordPress CMS (content management system) while the other one uses a responsive website builder called Cheetah. It is their flagship site builder. But you can also host a WordPress website at Builderall.

Both platforms offer different marketing tools. This may decide the platform you choose depending on your own specific needs.

We also want to talk a little bit about the community of Builderall and Wealthy Affiliate so you get a better feel on which one may offer you the better option.

Read My In Debt Builderall Review

You can get a better insight of BA by reading my in debt Builderall Review to gain more knowledge.

Let the show down review of Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate begin.

Website Speed Test Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate

During this test I built a website using the Builderall flagship responsive website builder called Cheetah. Looks great on mobile and is lightning fast.

For the Wealthy Affiliate website we chose a website that is using one of the best paid themes (Thrive Themes).

We did this because we wanted to use the best WordPress theme so they can get a better speed test.

Both sites will be tested from the Washington DC area. That’s pretty close to each company as one is located in Canada while the other one is located in Orlando, Florida.

One thing to note. Each of the websites uploaded in under 2 seconds.

Any time you design a website if it doesn’t load under 2 seconds you could start losing visitors to your site. So both should be congratulated for their hosting speed.

Here are the results and both were tested using Pingdom Tools.

We also contacted the owner of the Wealthy Affiliate site and he agreed to the show down between the 2 sites. Let’s see who won this contest.

The first site tested was the one I personally built using the responsive website builder called Cheetah. The second one was from a site hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. The name of the site was RodneyV.com.

Website Speed Test Using Cheetah
Website Speed Test For Wealthy Affiliate Site

We did have a clear winner. 373 milliseconds vs 713 milliseconds. The Cheetah website builder is the clear winner.

You can see that both websites were extremely fast. But Builderall wins this round.

Hosting Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall

Hosting Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall

We already conducted a website speed test and BA was the winner and we are giving them the advantage in the hosting so far.

But we want to dig a little deeper and look at the other benefits we receive from using each hosting provider when talking pure hosting.

Let’s start with Builderall and then we will move to Wealthy Affiliate.

Builderall Hosting

We are going to talk about the hosting you receive using the Builderall Premium Plan just to keep it equal.

One thing you need to keep in mind is, you cannot migrate a site to Builderall hosting or move your website to another hosting provider because the drag and drop software is different with each provider.

  • Connect Up To 15 Domains
  • Each Domain Receives an SSL Certificate
  • Option To Connect With The CDN (Content Delivery Network On 4 Continents for faster speed across the glode)
  • Lightspeed Page Loading Technology
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Visitors
  • Subdomains And Pages Are Unlimited
  • Website Transfer Capabilities (transfer to other users)
  • Builderall Dedicated Servers With DDOS Prevention (distribution denial of attacks)
  • Dedicated Servers With Automatic Daily Backup
  • 10GB of Disk Storage
  • Automatic Cache System for Better Loading Time
  • Ticketing Support System (live chat on the way)
  • You Can Also Host WordPress Websites

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Wealthy affiliate uses managed hosting for WordPress sites. We are going to talk about the hosting you receive as a premium member to keep it equal as possible.

One of the advantages of using WordPress is you can move your website to another hosting provider and you can migrate a WordPress site to another hosting provider like Builderall.

WordPress is a great blogging platform but you can also use the new responsive blog builder from BA.

  • Connect Up To 25 of your Own Domains (plus 25 free domains)
  • Each domain Receives An SSL Certificate
  • Each Site Is Double Hosted (meaning mirrored if site goes down you always have a backup)
  • Hacking and Spam Protection
  • Daily Snapshots of Sites For Backup
  • 30GB Website Space
  • Amazon c3 large for world wide site speed
  • Bandwidth 500k Visitors Month
  • BotNet & Enterprise Security
  • Access To Thousands of WP Plugins
  • 24/7 Access To Support Admins (usually 5 minute wait time)

Hosting Winner Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate

One big advantage with WordPress is that you can move your WordPress website to another hosting provider if you feel the need.

WordPress is an excellent CMS that is not easy to beat (if you can beat it).

You can move a WordPress website to Builderall but you cannot move a Cheetah website to Wealthy Affiliate.

Looks like you can host more sites at Wealthy Affiliate and you get 30GB of space. One other note is that WA has 24/7 support for the hosting.

Considering everything we listed it appears both have excellent hosting but you get more website design options using BA. The speed factor is another big selling point for both platforms but again BA wins.

Website Builder – Which One Is More User Friendly

Builderall Website Builder

We are only going to compare the WordPress website builder verse the Builderall Cheetah responsive website builder.

Being a big fan of WordPress myself, I’ve got to be a little more open minded to judge this round.

It doesn’t matter which builder you choose, you will go through some growing pains. It takes time learning how to use each one.

But given the flexibility you have with the drag and drop builder we believe it would be much easier to learn. No plugins required.

One thing about using WordPress is that you will need to know what plugins to use for certain applications. Another learning curve.

WordPress came out recently with it’s new Gutenberg editor to make it a smoother learning process.

Another thing that confuses WordPress users is which theme to choose from over 3000 free themes. But to find the flexibility you need to design a website, you will more than likely end up purchasing a paid theme.

Prices vary depending on who you buy it from. We already told you that we chose someone that was using a paid theme called thrive Themes. This site uses the Astra theme. It is less expensive for an agency to use Astra.

So for this round because of the extra cost involved and too many options with themes and plugins we are choosing Builderall as the winner.

Digital Marketing Tools Offered

Builderall Is The Most Complete Marketing Platform

Who’s going to win this round Wealthy Affiliate or Builderall?

Wealthy Affiliate says they offer everything you need. But when you take a look, the best tool they offer is their keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

It will definitely help you with find low competition keywords and it is a great tool (we’ve used it before and it works).

You can also purchase the tool separately. They also have spell checker, plagiarism checker and a few simple things you can find any where for free.

Builderall on the other hand is loaded with digital marketing tools. One big one is the Mailing Boss. Everyone need to build an email list. You’ll have to pay extra if you want that service using WA.

Here are a few more digital marketing tools that Builderall supplies with their Premium plan (you can choose the Essential Plan with less tools).

  • Magazine Creator
  • Builderall Magento eCommerce Builder (create an online store)
  • Browser Notification
  • Facebook Chatbot
  • Mobile App Creator
  • Heat Map
  • Share Locket
  • Facebook Auto-Post
  • Presentation Builder
  • Basic Design Studio
  • Animated Video Creator
  • On Page SEO Tool
  • Video Wrapper
  • Script Generator
  • Social Proof
  • Webinar Tool

We are not going to continue because Builderall wins this round hands down. That is why they call Builderall, the all in one digital marketing platform.

Who Has Best Training Weathy Affiliate or Builderall

Join My Team For The Best Affiliate Marketing Training

One thing for sure is Wealthy Affiliate has got good training that produces results. The 2 main training courses are;

  • Affiliate BootCamp Training
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Affiliate Boot-Camp Training consist of 7 courses with 70 lessons. These courses are for the people that want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

They also offer the first 10 lessons for free. That is how they get you into their system.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification consist of 5 courses with 50 lessons. These are for people that want to pursue a specific niche.

These two main courses are all about writing reviews and blogging mainly.

Builderall offers a different approach.

What Is A Sales Funnel

They also have great training and many sales funnels for you to use. The Funnel Club is the way to have multiple sales funnels for many niche audiences. You will need the Premium Plan to gain access to the sales funnels in the Funnel Club.

Builderall uses the sales funnel approach. They just started a new series of training videos that you have access to when you are inside the dashboard.

Builderall offers a wide range of training starting with knowing how to operate the tools. Then and only then should you move to the other affiliate marketing training courses that they offer.

  • Platform Training (teaches you how to use the tools)
  • Local Business Website Agency Website Course (learn how to make money locally)
  • Facebook Ad Training (learn how to advertise on FB)
  • Top Affiliate Training (how to generate leads on social media)

These are free training courses to get your online business off the ground quicker.

You will also find smaller groups that offer more specific training for their team. Our advice is to build a solid foundation of content before you spend money on advertising the sales funnels.

You can start taking some free affiliate marketing training lessons for beginners right on our website before we move you to a higher level.

But Builderall also teaches blogging and traffic generation techniques.

So as far as training, depending on which direction you wanted to go in. We would have to say that they would both be equal.

WA is more for blogging and BA is geared more toward sales funnels.

Actually, you may want to consider both.

You still need to put the work in, study, be patient, and have a burning desire to succeed. #WealthyAffiliatevsBuilderall

Which Community Is More Helpful

Which Community Is The Most Helpful

This question is pretty tough. Which community is more helpful, Builderall or Wealthy Affiliate?

Builderall uses it’s Facebook groups to helps it’s members. Usually these groups are smaller and depending on the group you are with would determine the results.

But they also have the main Builderall groups that are in many different languages. So if you speak another language other than English you can get better help or advice so you can understand what is going on.

Now Wealthy Affiliate is known for its community. They boast that they have over a million members compared to Builderall’s 30,000 (do not have exact numbers).

The other thing is that WA has a live chat inside their platform. It doesn’t matter day or night someone is always there to offer a helping hand.

You can also post questions on the dashboard to get an answer. They usually only speak English unless you get lucky.

WA also provides feedback for your website and that can really give someone an advantage. Especially new folks.

So for the winner we have to give this one to Wealthy Affiliate because you can get help 24/7. Plus with the vast number of people that are members, you will always find someone to give you a helping hand anytime.

Affiliate Marketing Programs Who Pays Better

Builderall"s Affiliate Program Pays Better

Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall, Who Pays Better?

This question is going to depend on your own individual skills. But we will break down each affiliate program. We will talk about premium members for WA and Business Plan members for BA.

Both pay lifetime commissions on their affiliate program.

Let’s start with Wealthy Affiliate. They pay slightly less than 50% commissions for their premium membership. You receive these commission monthly as long as that person remains a paying member.

Example: $23.50 a month or $495 for yearly memberships.

You can also become a Super Affiliate. To qualify you will need 300 premium sales during the year.

You will get special treatment and receive an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas. Get treated like royalty and even get a few bucks to spend while you are there.

Builderall Has The 2-Tier Affiliate Program

Builderall pays differently. You receive 100% commissions on the 1st month and starting the second month you will receive 30% commissions every month as long as that person remains in good standing.

Anyone that you sign up can also get the same commissions. But when they sign someone up you get paid again. Starting the second month you get paid 30% commissions as long as they are paying every month.

They do not have the trip to Las Vegas but once you reach 100 active customers sales you get an additional $500 a month for a lifestyle bonus.

Can you use an extra $500?

Anyone can also attend any live Everest Events they have during the year.

So who pays better, Builderall or Wealthy Affiliate?

We are going to give this round to Builderall because of the 2-tier commission plan and the lifestyle bonus.

Keep in mind in order for the 2-tier to work, the people under you must produce sales.

It all takes hard work and dedication no matter which platform you choose.

Who Has Better Pricing WA or BA

Who has Better Pricing

With each program you start start for free. You can become a free member with WA or BA for as long as you wish.

Let’s start with the pricing for Wealthy Affiliate (WA). You have a few options with this program.

  • Monthly Pricing $49
  • Bo more 6 Month Pricing
  • 1 Year Pricing has gone up to $495

You will find different promotions with Builderall. Some offer free 14 day test drives and sometimes they offer longer periods.

If you are going to join just choose the right plan because you can always upgrade. There are 5 plans to choose from.

  • Free Plan (learn to build a website)
  • Builder Plan $19.90 a month
  • Marketer Plan $29.90 a Month (the basic tools + websites)
  • Essential Plan $49.90
  • Premium Plan $69.90

You basically get more subscribers and a few more digital marketing tools with each plan.

Premium Plan is $69.90 A Month (you get it all + sign up for the 2-Tier Affiliate Program)

With the Premium plan you also get access to the funnel club. That is worth it by itself.

As you can see you can get into either program for under $70 a month. WA offers discounts when you sign up for longer terms.

With Builderall you can start out for free and move up with any plan you choose.

When you subscribe to the premium plan you get it all and you also want to get involved with the affiliate 2-tier commission program.

So who wins the pricing battle between Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate. We would say its a draw. Each program offers a great service with an overall great value.

But if you only need a website and some tools for affiliate marketing or a local business, Builderall wins. $19.90 to start learning your skills and the basic marketing tools you will get. You can upgrade when you are prepared.

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall Review

Summary Of The Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall Review
  • Website Speed Test – Winner Builderall
  • Hosting – Winner Builderall
  • Website Builder – Winner Builderall
  • Digital Marketing Tools Offered – Winner Builderall
  • Affiliate Marketing Training – Winner Equal (draw)
  • Better Community – Winner Wealthy Affiliate
  • Best Affiliate Program – Winner Builderall
  • Pricing – Equal (draw)
  • Winner Overall (Read Down Below)

Lets Hear What You Got To Say

Comment below and let us know what you think.

One thing I hate when looking for reviews is people that use the word scam. We did find a great Wealthy Affiliate Review without those kinds of words and it’s an in debt look into their program.

You do realize that by commenting and sharing you are really building your brand. So help us get the word out while you are at it.

Stay in the know and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

The overall winner is Builderall and here is why?

Less competition if your going to promote the affiliate programs.

All the tools to start a Local Agency, get into affiliate marketing, and even run an online store.

Builderall is one of the fastest growing companies. They got power and you have a great business opportunity to knock it out of the park.

New people are staying with BA longer. Estimated 12 months vs WA 5-6 months. Equals more money in your bank account. BA pays faster.

In order to make good money you cannot be a quitter. It takes time to get to the income you desire so work hard, be patience, learn your skills, and watch your cash tree grow.

We compared Builderall with other top notch programs and you will know that this platform offers more value. Read the article.

Is Builderall Worth It? Get a Free Trial for checking it out.

Don’t forget to comment. Let us know if you want to join so we can get you set up with training right to your inbox.

Learn how to get your business buzzing with DIY Marketing and SEO.

Do you want to learn how to make money online? Contact us. We’ll catch you on the next trip.

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall – Which Affiliate Program Is Better”

  1. Hi just signed up to Builderall and it seems a bit complicated. Even the training. Do you have a few top 5 tips in terms of a process to become an expert if you had 1 year to make it work? My niche would be local marketing and then affiliate marketing. Thanks in advance.

    1. Here are my top 5 tips to start a local agency.
      1. Become an expert on how to build a website with the Cheetah builder that loads extremely fast so you can build other local businesses websites.
      2. Set up your own website, lead capture form, email marketing, and work on getting it ranked in your local area.
      3. Start building your brand on social media and start blogging with emphasis on ranking those posts in your local area.
      4. Learn how Google My Business works and offer free help for local businesses setting up their accounts. (set up and verify your own account)
      5. Offer hosting, email marketing, website design and local SEO. You can even host WordPress websites. Beat all competition on your pricing and offer DIY accounts (local affiliate marketing)

      Hot Tip: You’ll need to learn the platform so start learning Cheetah and email marketing. When you talk with potential clients talk about speed, lead capture, email marketing (set up their email marketing for a small fee included in the website design.

      Once you have everything set up, your brand is building, and you feel good about using the platform go get some potential clients. Use your internet marketing skills, cold calling, and you can look up businesses using Facebook.

      We have many articles on this site that explain in detail what to do when starting a local agency. Hope this helps, learn your skills, and work hard.

  2. You’re promoting Builderall but this website is on WordPress. You don’t drink your own koolaid? Why?

    1. Builderall also is a hosting provider for WordPress websites. I promote other great products on this site as well. We have more than one website with other niches. But I also have a Builderall website up in running that I only promote BA. That’s the one we conducted a site speed test from.

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