Website Builder Tools To Capture Leads And Create A Great Looking Site

Website Builder Tools

To have a conversion focused site you will need these website builder tools to capture leads more effectively and to have beautiful looking web pages.

Simply using WordPress or a drag and drop builder is not enough. You need to have the best WP theme or the right software to have a pixel perfect website.

You want to be able to have the opportunity to capture every visitor that comes to your site. In order to do this, you need the right internet marketing tools to accomplish this.

So today we are going to let you know what is the best WordPress theme to make this happen or if you’re someone that uses a drag and drop builder the best digital marketing platform that will provide you with a business opportunity.

Capturing leads is very important because you need to get these visitors on your email marketing list so you can build trust with them. Just think about it. If you can improve your lead capture by even a small 10% over a period of time can pay you big dividends.

Let’s say you get 1200 visitors to your website during an entire year. If you can capture 2% of those leads then you are a little over the average of around 1%. That means you are doing pretty decent.

That only gives you 24 leads. That is why you must be able to capture more leads. Even if you have around 10% that still leaves you with 120 leads to market too.

So you can see that by having a laser-focused conversion website that can improve your lead capture by 10-25% would definitely give you an opportunity to make more money and build your email list a lot faster.

That is an additional 120 to 300 more leads per year using 1200 visitors as the beach mark.

Website Builder Tools That Skyrocket Your Lead Generation

SkyRocket Your Business Using Website Builder Tools

There are around 30% of all websites built using WordPress and most do not even know what WP theme to use. You will find some bloated down themes that have very little speed. That should be another consideration when choosing a WordPress theme.

Another important element is the themes focused on capturing leads. If it is not then you could consider switching to a better theme. One that can give you an opportunity to generate more leads and has the speed you need. Naturally hosting will play a big part in your WordPress website speed.

A lot of people purchase cheap shared WordPress hosting. Big companies that are only interested in making a profit for their shareholders.

Companies like Go Daddy, Host Gator, and Bluehost are all at the bottom of the list. They are the worst hosting companies and usually, the customer service sucks.

You can find out who offers the best hosting voted by customers at the Trust Pilot website and you’ll find those companies we just mentioned at the bottom of the list.

We only recommend two hosting companies and they are Builderall and WPX hosting for WordPress.

They have the speed you need, great customer service, and are rated by customers at the top. Next up let’s talk about drag and drop website builders. They all have website building software. Again most are just looking for profit for the shareholders.

Then there is a company called Builderall that has the best value when you’re looking to build a pixel perfect responsive mobile friendly website.

They also have many website builder tools that you will find you need to have a more conversion focused website. This is a smaller company that you may want to check out.

Best Conversion Focused WordPress Theme

The best conversion focused WordPress theme is Thrive Themes. But we found a secret gem called Astra Themes.

Some of the best marketers in the world are using this product because it simply does the job. They also provide training for you to build a beautiful website using their website builder tools.

Thrive themes only recommends one hosting company. WPX hosting is their choice for managed WordPress hosting.

The reason, they want you to have blazing fast site speed using their theme and super fast customer service. We have not yet moved this website over to Thrive Themes because we are getting what we need for less money.

We are currently using Astra Themes on this website.

The best value for the website software and plugins comes with an annual membership of Astra themes.

From headline A/B testing, landing page templates, cleaver widgets, image optimization, and other incredible features that you give you a notch up on the competition.

You also get a live preview to make modifications using tablets or mobile devices. Adding padding, margins, specific color to elements on the page has never been easier using Astra Themes.

They show you how to build the different type of pages and how to sandwich your content with lead capture. Capturing leads all starts with a great looking website. Then you need to have the lead capture forms in the right places.

They also have a University of training videos as well as written content to ensure you understand how to put it all together. Everyone wants to get into the know using Thrive Themes. It must be one of the most purchased themes that you will find because of the value they provide.

Website Builder Tools From Builderall

Some of you do not like working with WordPress and want something along the lines of a drag and drop builder.

Builderall is your answer. They have a true drag and drop pixel perfect website builder that uses an adaptive-responsive design. You can quickly put a site together using one of the hundreds of templates they provide.

They provide many internet marketing tools for you to choose from. All the digital marketing tools you need to start an online business.  BA even includes an email auto-responder called the Mailing Boss. Talking about value. You can pretty much get everything with the Digital Marketing Plan that runs $29.90.

You can also move it up a notch if you want it all and to unlock their 2 tier affiliate marketing commissions. That is what sets them apart from other affiliate programs.

You can get paid on 2 levels.

That program would run you $49.90 a month and it’s the ultimate called the Builderall Business Plan. You get everything from a single dashboard.

From website builders, email auto-responders, heat maps, browser notifications, chat-bots, on page SEO tool, hundreds of templates, money making sales funnels, webinar tool, design tools, presentation tool, animated video creator, mobile app creator and a whole lot more.

You can take Builderall for a 14-day test drive and find out for yourself if you want more information.

We’ve been checking out their platform ourselves to learn more about the software and their digital marketing tools. Go check it out and see how we designed a conversion focused website using the Cheetah Website Builder.

While you are the, sign up for the free internet marketing training. Every Monday at 5 pm.

We do not like recommending stuff unless we have used it or done a hell of a lot of research on a product or service. You can also take the training course.

Your Toolbox Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Email Marketing

We have to add this in because you want to capture leads. You have to have an email auto-responder to send your leads information you want them to have.

Naturally, you do not want to send them a bunch of affiliate links. Send those future customers value. Offer them solutions to the problems they have.

Remember this is when you need to build that trust factor. Send them 3-5 emails that offer value and then hit them up with an offer. The service we recommend is AWeber or Builderall.

Why did we choose AWeber? Because they have the best open rates in the business period. Why send out an email if it does not even have a chance at getting read.

You can search Google and you will find that AWeber is the best period. After you capture an email address from a visitor that is at your website you want that person to read the message you’re sending them.

We thought that would be a great idea before you capture their email that maybe you should send them to a thank you page and introduce yourself. Then let them know what they need to do. Like go and open that email you just sent them.

It’s something that we need to set up ourselves once we get that new Thrive Theme set up. Building trust is key in having people buy your products. That is why having the best auto-responder with help especially with better open rates. You just do not want your message going to the spam folder.

Make Money With The Best Digital Marketing Tools

Make Money With Website Builder Tools

It seems no matter what niche you’re in people want to know how you build that beautiful website and the tools that you are using.

All the website builder tools we use and have spoken about have affiliate marketing programs. Yes, these companies will pay you a commission if you take the time and sign up for their programs.

Every company pays a different amount and has their own terms and conditions. You’ll have to check that out on you’re own. Just like our site here at Mobile Biz Buzz.

Some of the links that you may have clicked on is using our affiliate links. If you purchase a product from any of our links we may earn a commission. Nothing wrong with helping us out. You do not pay more or less when using our links.

It’s just a companies way to pay us for referring folks to great products. We do not recommend any company that we feel isn’t worth it. Try and use the products that you recommend so that you know they provide an excellent value.

We have seen people promote plain old junk just to receive a commission. That’s BS. Just cannot do that myself.

Hopefully, if you get into affiliate marketing then you only recommend solid products and even solid advice. The products that are on this page have been tested by us. We have personally used them all and can say that every one of them is rock solid.

We offer digital marketing tools that will help you find the gold.

The awesome platforms and software that we have provided for you today will definitely help you have a more conversion focused website no matter what niche you are in.

Like we said earlier you can also make money promoting these products yourself.

Go get the programs you need and if you know of other great tools comment down below. Help other marketers get ahead. Get your biz buzzing on mobile.

Conclusion for Website Builder Tools

  • Lead Generation Is A Priority
  • Increase Your Lead Capture By 10-25%
  • Get The Best Tools To Build or Improve Your Website
  • Thrive Themes – Best Conversion Focused WP Theme
  • SiteGround or WPX Hosting
  • AWeber
  • Builderall (Builderall Is More Than A Website Builder)
  • Make Money Using And Promoting The Tools & Software

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