7 Step Website Traffic Plan To Get Your Business Buzzing

7 Step Website Traffic Plan To Get Website Visitors

The simple 7 step website traffic plan that will definitely get your business buzzing as long as you get all the work done.

Think about the two forms of content that last the longest on the internet.

Blogging and YouTube videos last longer than any other content you may find online.

You will find blog posts and videos that are sometimes 1, 2, or even 3 years old. Even older on occasions.

People want instant results and they are not going to wait on your site if it loads very slow.

These folks are searching for solutions, information, and the famous “how to” do something.

Those are just a few things that people search for when they are online.

They also stay connected to their favorite social media network.

Especially now that everyone is carrying a loaded smartphone.

What does all of this mean?

It means that you should be taking advantage of the 3 biggest ways to drive traffic to your website.

What Are The 3 Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Top 3 ways of getting traffic to your website is:

  • Blogging
  • YouTube Videos
  • Social Media

You need to be thinking long term when you first start putting your plan together. Remember, this awesome content you create will be able to be found online for many months or even years.

Building an audience that values your content is a big start.

Naturally, you would want to keep that content updated, wouldn’t you agree?

Google and YouTube are the 2 biggest search engines on the planet. Wouldn’t it make since to use these two massive platforms to reach your audience?

Sometimes people try and complicate everything they do.

They look for easy ways out, short cuts, and try to find some magic potion that will get them to the top quicker but find out it usually ends up as a big time waster.

Do it the right sound way and use the methods that get more results that any other.

Who remembers the KISS Principle?

SEO and branding is your bridge to getting more traffic.

It may take some time but the rewards will pay off if you do not quit and keep improving your online business.

SEO must be included in your Website traffic plan

SEO Must Be Included In Your Website Traffic Plan

You should be learning SEO (search engine optimization) because it is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.

You also need these skills to try and rank your blog posts and videos on Google and YouTube.

Then there are those that would say, use paid advertising for quicker results. Yes, you might get lucky and generate quit a bit of leads or you may end up losing a substantial amount of money.


Because you were too impatient to learn the platforms like Google, YouTube, or Facebook.

You also did not want to take the time to learn SEO and that could have gave you an opportunity to get some free traffic from those 3 traffic sources. Plus, your site needs to build authority and you do this with great content.

Yes, you can still get your videos and blog posts to show up on the 1st page of the search results.

But there is a catch. What is it?

You still need to learn the SEO skills for any method that you choose.

In addition, you need SEO skills so that when you produce a video or write a blog post you have a chance to rank on the first page of Google or YouTube for the keyword phrase you have decided to use based upon your research.

The higher you can rank the more traffic you can expect.

So doesn’t it make since to try and produce as much content as you can for your audience? This will help them with gathering information, learning how to do something, or provide a solution for their problem.

What About The Competition?

What About The Competition

There will be a tremendous amount of competition. Find a way to chisel in.

Use low competition keywords until you have more site authority.

You might as well use them to see what they are doing to rank on the first page. Study their content, leave positive comments, and learn from the information they are providing.

Avoid plagiarism. Give credit when credit is due.

Read the first 10-20 results for the keyword phrase you are trying to rank for. When you first start out you may need to use low competition keywords until your site gains the authority it needs.

That is why you will run into mostly the same people when you are researching. It took those folks years of producing content and a lot of work to gain the authority they needed to have many 1st page rankings.

You Must Work Hard and Research To Beat The Competition

It takes time, hard work, lots of research, learning, and the ability to put it in an article or video to beat the competition..

You got to get in there and work your strategy.

After you have done all of your research for your new article you get to use all the knowledge you gained from the folks that are already ranking. You’ll want to ensure your article is better.

More detailed, better images, charts, info-graphics, add a video, and maybe even a better story.

The competition can become little golden nuggets. You can find their strong points as well as the weaker points. Then take advantage of the situation and produce a better article.

Keep doing that for each article you write or any video that you produce and you’ll start getting results.

Research in your spare time. Lunch, breaks, or breakfast.

Try to get on a schedule. Monday write a blog 7-11. Tuesday produce a video 9-11. Thursday blog or video.

Work as hard or as easy as you desire. Just remember, the more great content you have online, the more traffic you get.

You’ll start getting traffic. Make sure you set up the free Google Tools (Google Search Console and Google Analytics).

Follow The 7 Step Website Traffic Plan To Get Results

Get Results With The Website Traffic Plan

The 7 step traffic plan will require you to be able to maximize your time to get results. Anytime you see yourself with some spare time you should be researching your next article.

What is the competition doing and what advice can you learn from them?

You need a smartphone to carry these tasks out.

In addition, you need to get on a schedule. What is the best time for you? I know we already mentioned it but it will keep you on track to reach your goals so you can achieve results.

You need a DIY Marketing Plan and learn as much about SEO in your spare time watching videos or reading blog posts.

After a while you’ll notice your copy writing and SEO skills will improve dramatically. That may be a good time to update your content to try and get a better ranking.

Step 1. Blogging (Solid Content To Build Authority)

Start Blogging

Blogging is your opportunity to reach out to a specific audience. That is one of the reasons you need to pick yourself a niche.

It’s so your site can concentrate on one particular subject allowing your site to build authority in that niche.

You want to offer your audience value. You have to give them the information they are looking for on the internet. Offering solutions to problems is another way to provide value.

Have you ever wanted to know how to do something? So have a lot of other people.

Making “how to” videos is a great way to solve the small problems they may have. But you can also write about the “how to” part in great detail. Sort of like instructions.

Everything that you blog about can be turned into a video so it should require less research and less work, sometimes.

Blogging Is One Of The Best Ways To Get Traffic

Blogging is one of the best ways to get traffic and reach your audience. Write about the questions someone would have in your niche. Tell them a story and how you overcame an obstacle. Offer advice.

All you’re really doing is helping someone. But your building a brand, trust, and showing you have the authority about that subject or niche.

You may want to consider breaking your blog posts down into categories. Start with about 4 categories. Write 10 blog posts for each category. Then you can figure where you want to go from there.

You’ll notice yourself trying to niche down more and more. That way you can relate and communicate with a more refined audience. Your confidence will go up and your articles will get better and more detailed and story oriented.

Step 2. Learn SEO So You Can Get Your Content To The 1st Page

Learn SEO

Why do you want to learn SEO? Wouldn’t you like an unlimited supply of Free Traffic visiting your website on a daily basis?

Free traffic by simply following procedures that the search engines want you to follow, especially Google.

Not only will SEO help you get free traffic from blogging but you’ll even be able to use it to show up in the search results on YouTube when you produce a great video.

SEO can increase your traffic flow from both platforms. Learn the SEO skills you need to have your content show up on the 1st page. Keep working at it. Watch videos, read about it, and learn from people that have the knowledge you need.

Step 3. Start A YouTube Channel To Gain Another Traffic Source

YouTube Is A Great Traffic Source

Some folks do not want to start a YouTube channel. Listen for one moment. Do you realize that every blog post you wrote can be converted into a video?

You already did all the researching and you know the subject.

It’s easy. Use a tool called Screen o Matic and record the presentation that you put together with slides. You can use explainer videos, how to videos, and plain old information videos.

Why let a great traffic source go to waste? You want to get your business buzzing, don’t you?

Well, what are you waiting for. Once you get the hang off it, you just might start enjoying the traffic that you could have visiting your website.

Who knows? You may just double your website traffic, you’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you?

Videos are also a great way to communicate on social media.

Start producing videos once you got a good amount of blogs.

You want your videos to be able to link back to your original blog posts. Plus you can add the videos to your awesome content. This will help you keep people on your website longer and build trust faster.

In today’s day and age people carry smartphones and check stuff out constantly. They love watching videos, so take advantage of this great traffic generation method.

Step 4. Socializing On Social Media To Build Your Brand

Start Socializing On Social Media

News travels fast on social media and it can waste a lot of your valuable time. We all probably already know that.

Social media can be an asset if you work the system and learn their rules.

You are allowed a personal page and you can also create a page for your business. Take advantage of both. Your personal page you are only allowed 5000 friends.

On a business fan page you can have unlimited subscribers. This is when people get to see a lighter side of you. You get to have a little fun, get entertained, and socialize with your friends and audience.

Social media is the place to build your brand. This is a long term traffic source that will take a while to build up a base of followers. Naturally, advertising on Facebook would get you there quicker.

You can help people with problems, provide guidance, or show folks how to do stuff. FB is offers you to go Live.

You can create groups. join groups, and build your authority by just communicating. So there are a lot of different ways you could turn this into a traffic generating machine but it will take a lot of time for most people.

Hang out on the social network where you audience hangs out. Share the content that you have already put together from blog posts and your nice videos. You can also come up with nice images to share using Canva.

Get your business buzzing with social media. Be creative.

Step 5. Lead Capture, Email Marketing, And Sales Funnels

Lead Capture and Email Marketing Is Part Of Your Traffic Plan

You’ll want to set up a professional email for your business. Now, that you are getting better at writing blogs, producing videos, and now you got your social media all set up it’s time to learn some new skills.

The best place to build trust with your audience is when you have them on your email list. You can build trust faster and be more personable.

This is when you can get more personal and even get more one on one with someone because you can gear your email and auto-responders to address that person with more individual attention.

But how to you capture someones email. You might need a lead magnet. Something that would encourage that person to share their email in exchange for something that they would want.

It could be an the form of an eBook, newsletter, PDF, info-graphic, course, or whatever you feel offers enough value.

You’ll need tools and access to an email marketing platform.

That is why we waited to add email capture and marketing on. We wanted you to get good or better at writing because you will need to set up some correspondence with the leads you capture.

This would be a good time to learn about sales funnels. You’ve got plenty of solid content and now it’s time to kick in more ways of generating leads.

Step 6. Update All Of Your Content and Refresh Your Skills

Update Your Content And Refresh Your Skills

This is a good time to brush up on your SEO, sales funnels, and to look at your data. Make any necessary corrections.

Update all of the content and ensure you follow all of the SEO best practices. Add more content if needed to any article that needs a boost.

Modify your traffic plan if needed. If your behind on any of your content goals catch up.

How is your email marketing coming along? Are you even capturing leads?

What articles are ranking in the search results?

Do you have a content marketing plan for the next 90 days? Plan it out so you know where you are heading.

At this time you should have between 80-100 blog posts and videos. If you do not, you still got work to do.

Finish up and follow along for more lead generation.

Take a break if you need it. Congratulate yourself.

Step 7. Include Paid Advertising In Your Website Traffic Plan

Include Paid Advertising In Your Website Traffic Plan

Paid advertising is one of the fastest ways to generate leads and make sales. Social media should be used for lead generation.

You want to be able to capture emails.

Knowing how to use sales funnels will help with lead generation.

Maybe you might consider joining the Funnel Club so you have access to over 50 funnels in different niches. Already set up and put together.

It will save you a tremendous amount of time and work. You can change or add any content you deem necessary.

They also will guide you in the sales process so you know exactly what is going on.

Tip for paid advertising. Google is for making sales faster and cost more than social media most of the time.

Facebook or other social sites are more for brand building and generating leads using sales funnels.

Again, you need digital marketing tools to help you succeed with all of these tasks.

Check out our Builderall review to learn how to save money on your marketing tools. They are the ones with the Funnel Club where everything is all set up for you to start paid advertising for many niches.

Start with split testing with all of your ads. Find out what is working and what is not. Adjust for better results.

In addition, start with a low budget until you think you got it down. It will take a little cash and lots of practicing until you start getting consistent results. Take your time and study more or do more research on advertising.

Ask questions in our private Facebook groups. Contact us for details.

Summary: 7 Step Website Traffic Plan

Learn the SEO best practices. Get your hands dirty and learn your skills with hands on experience.

Develop your content marketing plan. Schedule time to write blogs and produce videos. Choose a website builder. WordPress or Cheetah. You want fast hosting a lightning fast website builder or you’ll lose visitors.

Start producing content that offers value to your audience.

Work on increasing your domain authority so your content can rank higher.

Try and check out the Funnel club.

Before you start paid advertising learn SEO, sales funnels, set up entire email marketing system, know the rules of the platforms (Google, YouTube, and a Social Network), and have enough content on your site so people know that you are an authority in your niche.

Stick with your strategy and follow the 7 step traffic plan for your website.

  • Start Blogging (write articles)
  • Learn SEO
  • Produce Videos On YouTube
  • Start Socializing On Social Media
  • Set Up Lead Capture, Email Marketing & Learn Sales Funnels
  • Update Content and Refresh Marketing Skills
  • Start Paid Advertising Slowly (A/B Testing)

You can find more information and learn how to get your biz buzzing with the power of 2. Learn DIY Marketing with SEO. We show you how to make more money using a 2 tier affiliate program and how the power of 2 can benefit you.