Why Do You Need To Learn SEO? You May Already Know The #1 Reason

Why Do You Need To Learn SEO

We received a question from one of our followers asking, why do you need to learn SEO? Well that seems like a pretty fair question.

It doesn’t matter what type of online business that you have.

If you want to have an online presence and get found on the search engines you want to learn about search engine optimization.

It doesn’t matter if you own a local business, an online store, a blog, or even if you’re an affiliate marketer, you need to understand the basics of SEO.

Not only can it help your website get found on the internet but you can get free traffic just by knowing how to structure your content.

It will also provide your audience a better user experience for your audience by following a few simple guidelines.

3 Reasons To Learn SEO

3 Reasons To Learn Search Engine Optimization

There are many reasons why you should learn SEO but today we are going to cover the top 3 reasons. People start online businesses everyday.

But most have no clue. They think that all they need to do is design a beautiful website and people will visit their site.

It doesn’t matter how pretty your site is but if it cannot be found online then you probably will not make a profit unless you have another way to get traffic to your site.

Yes, there are other ways to get traffic.

To help you get started learning these skills we have included a nice write up that includes videos from some of the top experts in this subject.

You don’t necessarily need to become an expert but by getting these skills down you can become a better internet marketer.

1. Write Better Organized Content

Write Better Organized Content

Just by learning how to structure your content you will provide your readers a better user experience.

Use titles (with low competition keyword phrases), images, and keeping your paragraphs shorter will allow the reader to stay longer on your blog.

Try to stay under 250-300 words between your titles.

One of the first things you need to consider is the upload speed of your website. Nobody will wait for a slow loading site.

Choose the best and fastest WordPress hosting company so you do not lose visitors coming to your blog.

You also want to use images and videos for a better user experience.

Make sure you use the proper alt text and tags for your images because they can also help that article receive a higher ranking score.

Plus they just speak to your visitors. You’ve heard it before.

A picture says a thousand words. Now if a picture does that for your blog post, what would a video do? Provide more dwell time.

For one, it will increase the time spent on your site which is another ranking factor. So, it’s a good idea to include videos on your website.

In addition, you want your site to be mobile friendly. Responsive or adaptive website design must be taken seriously for different devices.

2. Getting People To Click On Your Content

Getting People To Click On Your Content

Do you want to make more money online? Then get people to click on your content. How do you do it?

You must use SEO best practices just to get found online. But once they find your content will they click on your article or video?

Even if you share an article on social media the question remains.

Will they open or click on your article?

There are 3 things you can do to get more clicks. This is your chance to get more visitors to your site. Get it wrong and you’ll get very little results.

It’s sort of like a mini advertisement for your content.

  • Write A Great Headline
  • Use An Image That Matches The Title And Presents Curiosity
  • Write A Meta Description That Invites The Reader

Your headline or title should be no more than 56 characters. You do not want anything getting cut off.

Find a image that represents the title and at the same time provides a story or offers curiosity.

You can find free images from places like Pixabay or Unsplash.

We try to recommend them when we have an opportunity because they offer a great service for many marketers worldwide.

Next you want to have a fantastic meta description for your blog post. It is the final deciding factor whether someone clicks on your content.

It should be brief and provide an explanation about what the visitor will get from reading the post. All 3 of these things work together.

It takes practice but you can get rewarded with more visitors when you get it right. That leads us to the next reason why you want to learn SEO.

3. Getting Traffic To Your Website

Getting Traffic To Your Website

Getting people to click on your articles is how you get traffic. That’s why you have to get the last step right.

What’s the number one reason why you want to learn search engine optimization? You guessed it. Traffic. You can get free organic traffic.

Naturally, it takes time to learn these skills but when your site starts gaining authority you have an opportunity to be rewarded from the search engines.

That is why you want to get the first two steps right. Just because you show up in the results does not mean they will go to your site.

Then if they do go to your site will they stay there and read your content. That’s why we mentioned those 2 steps first.

How do you get a higher ranking on Google and other search engine? You need to take the time to study, research, and learn these skills.

You can pick up some nice tips by subscribing to our blog. We write a lot of great articles to give you tips so you can receive a better ranking score.

We only cover SEO best practices and only recommend products or services we use or have done extensive research on.

Bonus: Why Learn SEO For Video

Why Learn SEO For YouTube Videos

You can gain more YouTube subscribers when you learn these skills.

Use the same principles for your YouTube videos. Another traffic source.

The first step is to use a great title for your video.

You’ll also need a fantastic thumbnail.

Getting people to click on your video is key.

So use a great title using a low competition keyword phrase.

You can find these low competition keyword phrases by using an extension for Google chrome called vidIQ.

Next design a thumbnail that creates curiosity. You might want to use a program called Canva.

The next thing is to write an awesome description.

Remember, its like a mini advertisement like we talked about earlier.

Naturally, the video content has to offer value to your audience.

Summary: Why Do You Need To Learn SEO?

The number one reason why you want to learn search engine optimization is to get traffic.

But without using the other two reasons you may find people just leaving your page. What are the 3 reasons that we discussed?

  • Write Better Organized Content
  • Get More Clicks To Your Content
  • Number 1 Reason Is To Get More Traffic
  • Bonus: Get More People Clicking On Your Videos

It takes practice to get these skills down.

Not only that, your website needs time to gain authority. So be patient and always use SEO best practices.

Learning these skills will not only help you get a higher ranking for your blog posts but you should use them for your video content as well.

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