WordPress or Cheetah Website Builder: Which Way Do We Go

WordPress or Website Builder

What should we use WordPress or Cheetah Website Builder? There are only 2 website builders that we recommend because of the value or one has awesome upload speed. This is a question we get quite often. It will depend on your personal situation. How will the site be used?

Are you using it for blogging? Do you just need a couple of pages? It just depends on your situation. If you do not need a lot of content sometimes your best bet may be a website builder. Blogging you’ll want to go with WordPress.

No need to worry about coding because they make it very easy to use WordPress with almost any theme that you use. Each website builder is pretty much the same but they all use code that must be hosted from that specific website builder. Some seem easier than others yet some are a better value than others depending on the provider.

The fastest website builder we have found is Cheetah from Builderall. This website builder is easy to use and when you need speed there is nothing that we have found to compare it to.

The Cheetah website builder that offers the best value is from Builderall. The reason is that they offer additional digital marketing tools that you need for a great price and everything can be used on a single dashboard.

We’ve used Wix, Weebly, Duda, Builderall, WordPress, and many other platforms but our 2 favorites are WordPress and Builderall. The one reason we like Builderall is that we get the tools you need to market your products or services. Any other platform requires you to purchase other tools you need anyway.

WordPress or Website Builder – What Builder Has The Best Value

We already know that WordPress is one of the best if not the best platform to build a website. But choosing a website builder can become a chore. There are several website builders to choose from. We have our favorite. They are worth mentioning again.

Cheetah is our favorite website builder when it comes to speed.

The speed of a website isn’t the only thing we look at when choosing a platform.

Value is another way to look for a website builder. What do you get for the price of their product? Most website builders only give you just that, a website builder.

Some work better than others but the one thing about all these builders verse WordPress is that you do not have total control.

WordPress gives you the total control and you have the ability to choose the hosting provider that you feel is the best solution for you. With any website builder, you are stuck with their hosting and customer service.

So if you decide that you want to move to a different hosting provider then plan on building another website. So we have to choose WordPress as our number 1 for this reason.

Number 2 is Builderall because of the great value. You get over 26 tools with Builderall. Very fast website builder, an email marketing system, and an on-page SEO tool to help you try to get a better ranking score. Plus you can host a WordPress website at Builder.

Those are our 3 favorite tools to get your business started because you can learn how to generate leads, build an email list, and start a producing an income from your products or services. We like the Premium package for $69.90 because you get it all.

Cheetah Website Builder From Builderall

This Cheetah website builder from Builderall comes with all 5 different plans you can gain access too. The first one is the Free option. Learn how to build a website before you go live.

The Builderall Premium plan is the ultimate. You get every single tool and you even unlock a 2 tier affiliate marketing program that you can get paid commissions for recommending their product on two levels.

Meaning you get paid for every person that signs up under your special affiliate link. Anyone that signs up for the Builderall Business plan under you also gives you a way to get paid. When they sign someone up you get paid for that also.

That’s 2 levels to make money. How much money? You get 100% of your initial sales. Then you’ll start receiving a recurring monthly income of 30% starting the second month. You also get 30% on sales from your second level affiliates. Not a bad way to make a few extra bucks if you purchase their best plan.

The main tools that come with the Builderall Premium plan are the e-commerce builder, the webinar tool, and you can find the rest of the tools listed in the article DIY marketing for small business. So if your a do it yourself marketer and want everything they have to offer, read the article and you can decide for yourself.

No matter which plans you decide to go with you will agree that it’s an awesome value and it saves you time, money, and they enable you to operate all of your digital marketing tools from a single dashboard. Next, let’s talk WordPress>

WordPress Is One Of Our Favorites

WordPress is one of our favorites mainly because of the control you have. You can really control years of content on this platform. You’ll find that most people that market products or services online use WordPress.

It has more users than any other platform. 30% of all websites online are a WordPress website. You’ll notice that most of the best marketers in the world have a  WordPress website.

Most of the people that promote website builders are using WordPress. So what does that say? They are just promoting products to get paid. Yes, we also get paid for promoting other products. It’s called affiliate marketing.

We only recommend products that we have used or thoroughly researched. So you should now that when you click a link on this site and if it goes to a third party site we will make a small commission should you decide to buy from our affiliate link.

An example we have been testing Builderall and have a website up in running so we can test their Cheetah website builder and additional tools. We like what we see so far.

Plus you can learn about internet marketing with the free digital marketing training courses.

The site that this blog is written from is a WordPress website. So with WordPress, you would need to get your own hosting. We use WPX Hosting and are very pleased with their customer service.

They have excellent hosting. We have used many other hosting providers throughout the years but they have been the best so far besides Builderall.

WordPress Hosting Companies

These smaller hosting companies seem to have the better customer service and we have had better website speed results also. We have use companies like HostGator, GoDaddy, and BlueHost. These are big corporations and we feel they either lack in a great product, customer service, or speed you need.

So we like sticking to smaller companies like WPX Hosting or Builderall for our WordPress websites. They have some of the best reviews not only for customer service, but the uptime of your website, and best website page speed that you will find.

Another great way of making some extra money is by recommending the hosting providers you have used. You can give a good honest review and you can let people know what your experience was like using that product or service.

We have used a few in our days. When we first started we used either Host Gator, GoDaddy or BlueHost for our websites. We also recommended these hosting providers for many of our small business clients. It just seems that these companies are more interested in making money for their stockholders these days and their customer service is not as good as it used to be.

WordPress Themes

Choosing a WordPress theme can be a big task when you first start out. There are thousands of different WordPress themes on the market. Some can look better than others, some will provide you with a faster upload speed for your website, and then there are those that offer a great value.

As a matter of fact, we are going to be changing to a new theme ourselves. We have been in the process of researching themes and have found a few we like for different applications.

For niche specific websites we like a theme called the X Theme. You can use it in a number of different ways and it has many great reviews. Awesome theme for many niches and applications.

Another theme we have found quite interesting is the Thrive Themes. They are always updating their editors and making it more useful to marketers like myself. You have probably heard of a product called ClickFunnels. Most people pay $97 a month for their starter plan or $297 a month for their more advanced funnel plan.

What we like about the Thrive Themes when you get their complete package for somewhere around $228 for a year you can do pretty much the same thing except using your WordPress platform.

This saves you a ton of cash every month. You can use that money that you saved for advertising your business. One note, if you use Builderall, the Cheetah website builder, you can also design funnels or use the ones they have designed. Forgot to mention that earlier.

Anyway, the X Themes or the Thrive Themes is our choice. We are leaning toward the Thrive theme so we can build funnels easier. You’ll also like it for lead generation, building a list, and yes you can promote it as an affiliate product and make a few coins from it as well.

Thrive Themes You Can Design Sales Funnels

You can also gain a vast amount of knowledge with the Thrive Themes. You can enroll in their Thrive University which will provide you with some skills to use their products.

Not only does that training talk about their products but they provide you with useful tips for any DIY marketer. We haven’t finished their course but we will very soon.

Always nice to gain some skills or even refresh some of the marketing skills you may have overlooked. Its a free course and it will give you some solid advice and some nice tips.

It’s all about generating leads and building your list. I’m sure everyone could use a few tips on those subjects. It might even save you some money and get you back to using WordPress instead of that expensive sales funnel system.

WordPress or Cheetah Website Builder Our Recommendation

As you probably already know. Our recommendation is to use WordPress or the Cheetah Website Builder. Hands down 2 of the best platforms on the market and has been tested by some of the best in the business.

It’s not as hard as most people make it out to be. They are just trying to push those website builders which are not always as easy as they say.

Drag and drop can fool you and look different on a mobile device vs a desktop. But if you must go with a website builder we recommend Builderall because of the value compared to other site builders on the market. Why not get everything you need to get your business off the ground. You’ll more than likely need most of the tools they have anyways.

Not only will you find out that you need some of those tools but you’ll pay a nice chunk of change to get the tools you need. So start out the right way and get a complete website builder that has all the tools you need.

Can you do us a favor? Drop down below and leave a comment about what you think or the experiences you’ve had with a website builder or even WordPress.

Maybe you found a builder that we didn’t even know about that can help other people. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Stay in touch and we thank you for taking the time to read our article. Hopefully, it helped you out. Any questions just contact us.

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