Why Small Businesses Should Use YouTube For Local Marketing?

YouTube For Local Marketing

Why should your business be using the YouTube platform for local marketing? It produces results. Video marketing is increasing and people love videos.

You get quick results and it’s free. Why do you think Facebook got into the game? They want more dwell time and they want your money from advertising.

So by using YouTube, you can build your brand faster without adding to your advertising cost. Naturally, you can advertise with YouTube but you might as well take advantage of getting free advertising using YouTube videos.

It’s a fast and great way to get your message out in your local community.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to introduce your staff, talk about your services, or even show off your products. You can do it all using the YouTube platform. You’ll also want to include some of your best videos for your Google My Business page.

Videos are also a great way to share things about your business on social media. One thing about Facebook is that they have a pay to play mentality. So if you plan on sharing content your first 3 posts will more than likely get you the best results in your local community.

You can even put together video content that offers coupons for some of your products. These type of videos make easy sharing pieces for your audience on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Video testimonials and reviews are also some of the best content you can use on your website, social media fan pages, and a course your Google My Business page.

Small Businesses Take Advantage Of Using Free YouTube Videos For Local Marketing

Take Advantage Of YouTube For Local Marketing

Small businesses can increase their traffic by taking advantage of using the free YouTube platform.

Save some money with another local marketing idea.

Use the free YouTube videos to drive some extra visitors to your business. It is the second largest search engine and more and more people like to watch a video.

Producing a video can be accomplished right from your favorite device. The mobile phone. Your smartphone can be the driving force to get more people coming in those business doors.

The great thing about is this. Every one of your potential customers also carries a smartphone.

When they get out and about they just get right on that mobile device and start searching for whatever it is that they are looking for like your local business.

They look for reviews (video), information (another video), what services you offer (another great video), customer service (another video about your staff), and they even look for places to get a bite to eat.

Would you rather look at a picture or watch a video of some awesome food coming to your table?

Video can be used for a whole lot of things. They also have the ability to rank pretty fast as long as you know a little local SEO ranking factors. It’s all about marketing.

Videos are easy to get ranked when you are in a small community. They can make your business stand out ahead of the competition.

It doesn’t take long to learn how to upload a video to YouTube and get it online. You may need a couple of things that will help you produce a better video but you can get that information online. Just Google it. One thing that will need to design will be a Thumbnail to use for your new videos.

3 Things You Need When Producing YouTube Videos

The first thing you need is a great headline. You will want to include your keywords inside the headline. It’s just like writing any other headline but it should speak to your audience. You also want to include the benefit and use a little curiosity so they click on the video.

The second thing that you will need to create is a thumbnail. Your phone number and website should be included. Use the colors that represent your brand or your business.

Having a good thumbnail increases someone clicking on your content. You can design a thumbnail at Canva for your YouTube video to help you increase your viewership.

Number 3 is, optimize your YouTube video for your local area. You want YouTube to know that this video is for your local market. Example; Best burger in Cincinnati would not be what you want.

You can include it in the description but you want if more refined. Use a suburb where your business is located. Like Fastest Hot Water Tank Repair in Pleasant Ridge for the Cincinnati area.

You can learn more about optimizing a YouTube video by visiting and reading this excellent article on HubSpot. Doing these 3 things effectively will help you rank the video on the local search engines and provide you with more viewership. It doesn’t take long before you start feeling like a pro video producer.

Another great tool that YouTube provides is cards. You want to take a little time and learn how these cards can help you with your local marketing on these videos that you are going to be producing.

Yes, they also work on mobile devices. Another big benefit for local marketing.

Video Marketing Ideas For A Small Business

Local Marketing Ideas Using Video

The best thing to do is just get creative and try some different things out. These videos are basically a mini commercial for your business.

Get the other employees involved and see what they come up with. Sometimes you will find someone on your team that already is very proficient on these type of projects.

How to videos are very popular. Showing someone how to do something is great for your customer service as well. Let’s say you sell bicycles that come in a box or a computer. Providing a video to show someone how to assemble the bike would be great or how to initially set up start operating your new computer.

Holiday Greeting videos are a great way to stay in touch as well as a reminder that your business still cares about you. This is also a great time to introduce any new offers that you have. Coupon videos can fit here also or comparing other products that people might be shopping for.

Even gift ideas can bring in some new customers using your new local marketing tool called YouTube videos. Some people like to create funny videos. We have even seen some go viral on social media. Just think of your target audience when putting together a video for your local marketing.

Summary of Why YouTube Videos Should Be Included In Your Local Marketing

Many small businesses are trying to cut their big budget. By using YouTube videos you can put together a nice little local marketing strategy that will cost you nothing at all.

You can use YouTube videos for your business absolutely free. All you need to do is get a little creative and start producing some mini commercials.

No equipment is necessary. Do you have a smartphone? Dumb question, right. Everybody is carrying one of these mobile devices these days and it’s a great way to get in touch with these mobile users.

A video is perfect. Who doesn’t like a great video? If you’re like the rest of us we share these videos every day on social media.

All you need to do is post these little mini commercials where your main audience hangs out at. It may be Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. You’ll also want to include some of these new masterpieces on your Google My Business page. Get your employees involved in the process.

  • Local Marketing With YouTube Videos For Small Business
  • Why? Its Free And Can Drive Free Traffic To Your Business
  • Videos Increase Dwell Time
  • Be Creative – Many Ways To Promote Your Videos
  • No Equipment Needed Except Your Smartphone
  • Video Is Growing
  • Your Mobile Audience Loves Video
  • Learn to Write A Great Headline And Description
  • Create An Awesome Thumbnail
  • Build Your Brand With Video
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